Chapter 213: The Boyfriend Book

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Xia Ning finished the call and saw that Qiao Yu still there. She frowned. “Why are you still here?”

Qiao Yu did not get mad but answered instead, “I just want to know if Enoch cried or not.”

Whenever it was about her son, Xia Ning’s heart was always softer. He was the father of the kid so there was nothing wrong for a father to worry about his son.

Xia Ning nodded. “No, he didn’t. I asked him to turn off his phone and go to bed.”

Qiao Yu nodded. “Good. You won’t blame me for giving your number to him right?”

Xia Ning was caught by surprise. She lowered her head and did not speak.

Well, before this call, she wanted to blame him. But the second she heard Enoch’s voice, all the unwillingness became happiness at once.

Some feelings could not be thrown away that easily.

“It’s getting late. Let me get you guys back to the hotel,” Qiao Yu suggested.

Xia Ning turned him down immediately. “No need. We drove here tonight. But in any case, I have to thank you for tonight.”

“Are you talking about just now, or before?” Qiao Yu asked.


“Don’t worry. This is my responsibility,” Qiao Yu said calmly. “If that’s the case, I won’t insist. But you should be careful. Watch out for the paparazzi, otherwise, you’ll be in the headlines again.”

What did he mean by his responsibility? Xia Ning looked up at the man before her and looked suspicious. Did he take the wrong medicine tonight? He had been talking so much and was surprisingly patient.

Qiao Yu said to Lu Chuan, “Sorry to trouble Mr. Lu then.”

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” Lu Chuan waved his hands immediately.

Qiao Yu nodded at him and looked to Xia Ning. “Call me if there is anything. I gotta go first.” Without giving Xia Ning the chance to answer, he walked down directly.

Xia Ning moved the corner of her mouth. Was there something wrong with him today?

She would not call him even if there were something okay? And when was it his job to ask others to take care of her?

“Xia Ning, you did a good job hiding it from me. I was suspicious before, but you did not tell me the truth!”

“Huh?” Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan next to her with confusion.

“You’re good!” Lu Chuan poked Xia Ning’s arm and smiled. “No wonder that woman Chen Shiyan was jealous of you.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Xia Ning looked at Lu Chuan speechlessly. What the heck?

Lu Chuan looked to the front and nodded. “You don’t have to explain to me. I understand. If I have a rich, handsome, and caring boyfriend, I would not have told anybody either. Otherwise, everyone would get jealous.” As he spoke, he moved forward directly. “I really need to get you back to the hotel in one piece. Otherwise, if you lose a hair on the way, President Qiao will probably skin me alive.”

Xia Ning: “…” Which eye of his saw Qiao Yu being caring? And why would he think Qiao Yu was her boyfriend? That was a weird misunderstanding.

Later, Xia Ning tried to explain, but Lu Chuan would not believe her at all. From his standpoint, no woman would be able to say no to some guy like Qiao Yu. Plus, he looked like a couple with Xia Ning. He even tried to persuade Xia Ning, if they had some misunderstanding, they should try to resolve it patiently. Even he could help her out.

In the end, Xia Ning was too lazy to even talk. This just would not work.

When Xia Ning and Lu Chuan left, an ambulance came to the clubhouse and took four guys and a girl to the hospital.

Qiao Yu made a call when Xia Ning left.

“I did what you told me.”

“That’s the way, Alex. Women are sensible animals. If you want to ask her back successfully, you need to let her friends accept you and recognize you.”

Qiao Yu frowned and nodded slightly. “Sure.”

“Oh right, if you save a damsel in distress, you have to let her know. Girls like sweet words and the feeling of being protected. If she likes still waters, she must be f*cking crazy! You might not know what still waters run deep means, but basically, it’s someone who is so enthusiastic inside but does not show anything on the outside. He has a bad temper with a straight face all the time, and he needs girls to pamper him. What kind of boyfriend would that be? That would be a f*cking master that no woman would be able to stand…”

The call was hung up.

Mu Zichen stared at the phone and felt wordless. What the f*ck did he say wrong? Why was he always hanging up on him?