Chapter 214: Miss Xia, Please Teach Me!

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Early next morning, Xia Ning got to the set and saw a couple of actresses chatting about something.

Xia Ning felt that the atmosphere on the set was unusual.

“I thought she really wanted to treat us!”

“She went to drink with the rich young masters. Movie Queen Chen was really good at this.”

“Don’t you know? One of them was the guy behind her.”

Xia Ning looked at the actresses on the side and frowned slightly. Last night, they were really flattering Chen Shiyan so what happened today? Were they making fun of her?

Director Li saw that Xia Ning arrived and shouted to her, “Xia Ning, here.”

Xia Ning walked over immediately.

“Chen Shiyan won’t be able to come for the next couple of days. There aren’t too many of her parts left. So let’s do yours first.”

Xia Ning looked at Director Li with confusion. “What happened?”

Director Li darted a look at Xia Ning. “You don’t know?”

Xia Ning was even more confused. “What’s going on?”

Director Li sighed. “Don’t just read scripts all day long. Young people like you should use your phone and learn about what’s going on around you!”

Xia Ning: “…” So was he blaming her for being too focused on acting and did not take time to keep up with the news?

Director Li explained, “Last night, Chen Shiyan drank too much at the clubhouse. Her stomach started to bleed and she’s still in the hospital. This made the headlines today.”

Xia Ning frowned. Bleeding stomach? That was serious. Did they and Qiao Yu drink that much? But she did not smell alcohol on him at all.

When she thought of this, the center of her eyebrows jumped. Remembering she was hugged by him twice last time, she felt weird.

“It was said that there were a few rich young masters going into the hospital with Chen Shiyan. It’s all over the Internet now,” Director Li continued.

Xia Ning threw a look at Director Li and said with a smile, “Since when did you start to read the gossips Director Li?”

Director Li answered, “I was just worried about the development of the show business.”

Xia Ning: “…” Say it out that you were bored. Why did you have to say all these big words?

The two talked about the scenes for a bit, and Xia Ning went to get prepared.

She took out her phone and searched the headlines today. Indeed, they were about Chen Shiyan. “One vs Four, Movie Queen So Fearless.”

Director Li said it in a nicer way just now. The headline made it look very dirty. It was basically saying Chen Shiyan was accompanying a couple of guys at the same time and all of them got drunk. Of course there were people who described the scene as very dirty.

All in all, Chen Shiyan’s name was destroyed completely this time.

Xia Ning had zero compassion for someone like Chen Shiyan. Even if this news was not out, she would have collected all her old dirt. After all, anyone who dared to be calculative to her should bear the consequence.

The thing was, Qiao Yu was there with them last night as well. Why didn’t he drink at all? And were those guys stupid to drink until their stomachs bled? Why did she feel that it was not that simple?

In the afternoon, Xia Ning went to take a break after a scene. She immediately saw Qiao Yu who was sitting next to Director Li. He was wearing a set simple shirt and pants, not looking like he was here for business.

She frowned. Why was he here again?

Director Li saw Xia Ning and waved to her at once. Xia Ning could not say no and had to walk over.

“Director Li, do you need me?” Xia Ning said hi to Director Li and darted a look at Qiao Yu next to him. She said calmly, “President Qiao,” and moved her eyes away.

Qiao Yu answered, “Mmm.”

“Xia Ning, you know President Qiao has just started to learn directing. He does not know how to act in many ways. You should really help him out,” Director Li said straightforwardly.

Xia Ning was shocked. She looked at Director Li and said with a fake smile, “Director Li, you must be joking. I’m just a newcomer myself so how can I teach President Qiao about acting?”

Director Li answered with a smile, “You are just being modest. Don’t worry. Since President Qiao knows nothing about acting, you are more than enough to be his teacher. I have something to do over there. President Qiao is all yours.”

Xia Ning said immediately, “Director Li, I…” But before she could finish, Director Li walked away.

What the heck? Why was he pushing Qiao Yu to her? Couldn’t he see that Qiao Yu and her were from different planets?

“Miss Xia, please teach me!” The man’s clear voice came from the side suddenly.