Chapter 215: Can I Take It As You Are Worried About Me?

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Xia Ning’s mouth moved and looked at the man before her who wanted to be a good student. She said with sarcasm, “President Qiao you are really not that busy.”

Qiao Yu looked at her and replied calmly, “Everyone should have some hobbies after work. It’s good for your health.”

Xia Ning: “…” You can have whatever f*cking hobby you like, but can you stay away from me?

“So what do you want me to explain, President Qiao?” Xia Ning tried hard to maintain the smile on her face.

Qiao Yu looked at her and said calmly, “Let’s start with the basics of acting, which you are good at.”

Xia Ning sneered. “So you don’t really trust my acting skills. What do you want me to teach you then?”

“Do you talk like this to other people normally?” Qiao Yu asked all of a sudden.

Xia Ning smirked. “Nope, just to you. Are you happy about me treating you differently, President Qiao?”

Qiao Yu thought for a second and answered with a straight face, “I can’t really say I’m happy about that.”

Xia Ning rolled her eyes at him and felt lazy to talk to him. She grabbed the script and started to explain to him from the beginning.

Qiao Yu was really cooperating and asking questions whenever he had one. Even Xia Ning had to admit that the brain of a genius was really better.

Since he was trying so hard to learn, a ‘teacher’ like her would have to show him all she got.

Many actresses saw Xia Ning sitting close to Qiao Yu and their eyes were filled with jealousy. Why was it not one of them explaining the script to President Qiao?

Lu Chuan was not surprised by it. Even though Xia Ning did not put everything on the table with President Qiao, he could feel that the two were in a fight now.

Otherwise, why would a busy person like President Qiao follow her to a set and Xia Ning was still acting like she did not want to see him.

“Brother Lu, what relationship do you think Sister Xia Ning has with President Qiao?” Fu Yao stepped up and said suddenly as she looked at the two not too far away.

Lu Chuan darted a look at Fu Yao. “Director Li asked Xia Ning to explain the script to President Qiao. What relationship do you think they have?”

Fu Yao heard his words and changed her expression slightly. She said immediately, “Brother Lu, don’t take me wrong. I didn’t mean that. I was just worried that outsiders would talk about Sister Xia Ning. You know how bad their words could be.”

Lu Chuan frowned slightly. “They can say whatever they want. But you and Xia Ning are from the same company and under the same manager. Don’t you know Xia Ning’s personality?”

“Brother Lu, you are mistaken. It’s not like I don’t trust Sister Xia Ning. I just…”

Lu Chuan felt a bit annoyed in his heart. He frowned and said, “I have to get ready for the next scene. Gotta go.”

Fu Yao stared at Lu Chuan’s vanishing back and tried hard to hold back her tears. She turned around and looked at Qiao Yu and Xia Ning. Was she wrong? Why was President Qiao always after Sister Xia Ning! Why was Brother Lu not believing her!

After some time, Chen Hong got beverages for Xia Ning and Qiao Yu.

Xia Ning took a look and saw that it was the one that she had been drinking lately. She frowned and darted a look at Qiao Yu. It couldn’t be what she had in mind.

And Qiao Yu was still looking at the script closely. His perfect jawline was right in front of her and his deep features were so attractive that she could not move her eyes away. Any emotion on his face was seen by her. This was the first time that she was observing him so closely.

As if he felt Xia Ning’s eyes, Qiao Yu looked up suddenly and stared at her, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Xia Ning felt a bit awkward being caught suddenly. She moved her face away and looked somewhere else. “Nothing.”

Qiao Yu looked at her and went into silence for a while. There was a certain emotion flying through his eyes. “Ok,” he answered.

Xia Ning felt there was something else in his answer. She was annoyed and wanted to take control again. “Didn’t you drink with Chen Shiyan and the group? Why is it that they were sent to the hospital and you didn’t drink?” she said directly.

Qiao Yu looked up at her and said suddenly, “Can I take it as you are worried about me? And, how did you know I didn’t drink?”