Chapter 217: Chen Shiyan Got Beaten Up

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Wen Jing found that Xia Ning did not care about the flowers at all and was surprised. She had been an assistant to Xia Ning for a year now and this was the first time she saw someone sending her flowers so persistently.

Normally, no girl hated flowers. But Sister Xia Ning was different and she gave all the flowers to her.

She only asked who sent the flowers on the first day. Ever since then, the flowers seemed to have nothing to do with her.

So did she already know who they were from?

After over a week, Chen Shiyan came back to the set.

This time when she was back, everyone’s gaze on her changed. What kind of Movie Queen was that? She was just a woman climbing up using hidden rules. Plus, she was with a couple of guys in her scandal. Never had they seen anyone so shameless.

The recent news was very bad for Chen Shiyan. First, the man behind her was dug out, and then all the dirt about her climbing up using hidden rules were dug out as well. There were a lot of negative comments on the Internet. Those fans who used to support her were calling her all kinds of names. The PR department could not even handle it.

Xia Ning did not feel anything towards her as long as she did not pick on her anymore on the set.

Maybe it was because they broke their relationship openly, Chen Shiyan did not approach Xia Ning anymore.

The other day, Xia Ning had just finished a scene when she said goodbye to Lu Chuan. Then, she heard some noise of a fight outside.

Wen Jing happened to come to give Xia Ning water. “What’s going on?” Xia Ning asked.

Wen Jing handed the water to Xia Ning and darted a look to the back. She whispered, “Just now, two women came to the set. One of them was very angry and slapped Chen Shiyan on the face. She even took down Chen Shiyan’s headgear. Then the two got into a fight. Now they are separated, but still quarreling.”

Lu Chuan heard her and said to Xia Ning, “Chen Shiyan is used to being a mistress. There’s nothing unusual about being kicked ass by others. Let’s just focus on our scenes.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Yup, agreed.”

Xia Ning went to the dressing room. As she was passing the rest area, she happened to see this.

The chairs in the rest area were all over the floor. Chen Shiyan was held by her assistant Chang Xuan and her face was all messed up with a few prints of the slaps. Her costume was destroyed as well. In front of her was a fashionable woman who was staring at her maliciously as if she wanted to skin her alive.

Seeing that person, Xia Ning’s eyes flashed, obviously not expecting her – Shen Weiwei.

“What Movie Queen? She is just a b*tch who likes to sleep around.” Shen Weiwei glared at Chen Shiyan. If it was not for Jiang Xinyi who was pulling her aside, she would probably go up and hit Chen Shiyan again.

Chen Shiyan lowered her head and looked angry. When had she ever received this kind of humiliation ever since she became famous?

Someone came after her to call her b*tch!

Chang Xuan felt bad for Chen Shiyan and yelled at Shen Weiwei, “What does it have to do with you that Sister Shiyan is with Young Master Song!”

“Who the hell are you? F*ck off.” Shen Weiwei glanced at Chang Xuan coldly and then sized Chen Shiyan up. She sneered. “Just a whore being played by Brother Chenfeng.”

Chen Shiyan was shaking from anger. Shen Weiwei was staring at her as if she saw something dirty. That was really embarrassing.

Her mind was already getting messed up because of all the recent dirt coming at her overwhelmingly. And who knew what was wrong with her company that they were not helping her at all? Now people were at her door picking on her. She got even more upset in her heart.

But this person was not someone else but the daughter of the Shen Group, that she couldn’t afford to offend.

Jiang Xinyi was pulling Shen Weiwei aside and comforting her. “Well, Weiwei, be a lady. Don’t you know your place? No need to be upset about these dirty things.” As she spoke, she darted a look at Chen Shiyan with contempt.

But the corner of her eyes caught a figure passing by. She looked over and frowned slightly. “Xia Ning?!”