Chapter 218: I Want Her Role!

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Shen Weiwei heard it and her heart jumped. “Who?” she asked.

Jiang Xinyi did not answer and looked to a direction with coldness in her eyes.

Just at this time, Producer Feng rushed here.

Seeing that it was Shen Weiwei, Producer Feng put on a smile immediately. “Miss Shen, what brought you here today!”

Shen Weiwei glanced at Producer Feng and sneered. “Producer Feng, your show has such loose standard on talents. See what kind of people you got.”

When these words were out, Chang Xuan and Chen Shiyan looked ugly immediately.

But Producer Feng’s face was full of smiles. “Actually, we wanted to invite you to star in the show, Miss Shen. But knowing that you would not like a tiny role like ours, we gave up.”

Shen Weiwei always liked to be flattered. She held her head up high and looked somewhat satisfied. “That’s true. This kind of lowly role is not good enough for me.”

Producer Feng was still smiling. “Yeah, Miss Shen really learns well from Movie Queen Shen. This kind of TV show would be a waste of your talent.

Hearing this, Shen Weiwei felt even more pleasant. Having a Movie Queen as an aunt had always been her pride. Now, someone was comparing her with her aunt, which really proved her skills.

“I heard you have a newcomer as the female lead,” Jiang Xinyi said suddenly.

Shen Weiwei darted a look at Producer Feng. “This is the daughter of the Jiang Group.”

“Miss Jiang, nice to meet you,” Producer Feng looked at Jiang Xinyi and said with a smile. “I didn’t expect Miss Jiang to be following the news in the show business as well. That’s correct. Our female lead is a newcomer this time. But her acting skills are impeccable. Our Director Li speaks highly of her.”

Shen Weiwei heard that and was not impressed. How good could a newcomer’s acting skills be? She frowned slightly. What was the name of the show?

Because she heard suddenly that Brother Chenfeng’s mistress was here, she rushed here and did not ask too many questions.

Jiang Xinyi said with a smile, “Could we meet the female lead?”

Producer Feng was surprised. He thought about it for a second. If they wanted these two to leave, Xia Ning would probably have to cooperate. It would just be a quick one.

Producer Feng looked around and said to Wen Jing on the side suddenly, “Ask Xia Ning to come here.”

Wen Jing was not happy. What did Producer Feng mean? If they wanted to see Sister Xia Ning and Sister Xia Ning had to be here, how was it different from a pet being watched by people?

Shen Weiwei frowned and shouted at Producer Feng, “Who did you say? Xia Ning?!”

“Did Miss Shen and Miss Jiang want to see me?” A calm voice came from behind the crowd.

People parted to make way for her.

Shen Weiwei and Jiang Xinyi stared at the girl walking towards them. The former was angry, while the latter was calm, with coldness in her eyes that could not be hidden.

“Xia Ning, it’s you!” Shen Weiwei ground her teeth and said. She still remembered clearly the humiliation she got the other day.

Xia Ning smiled at Shen Weiwei slightly. “Yes, it’s me, Miss Shen. Long time no see.” She then turned to Jiang Xinyi on the side. “Miss Jiang, hello.”

She was ready to move back to the dressing room without making any fuss, but who knew how the two misses still caught her.

Shen Weiwei sneered and looked at Producer Feng suddenly. “Didn’t you say you wanted me to be in the show? Sure, I will do that. I want her role!” She reached out directly and pointed to Xia Ning across her.