Chapter 219: Miss Shen, Are You Not Convinced By Movie Queen Shen?

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Hearing Shen Weiwei asking for Xia Ning’s role in such a direct way, everyone around them was shocked. Some started to laugh. But of course, they tried their best to hold it back.

Whoever could not hold it back were covering their mouths and trying not to make a noise. After all, this Miss Shen was not someone that could just be offended.

But this Shen Weiwei really thought highly of herself. Had she not have a rich daddy and a Movie Queen aunt, no one would have taken her seriously.

Since her debut, she had played quite a few roles, but every one of them was given to her because of her family.

Most of the movies and TV shows she was in ended up with low ratings. The better ones were because her roles in them were so insignificant that she would not drag down the quality.

With this kind of acting skills, she wanted to be the female lead. Producer Feng flattered her just now and she thought she could fly to the sky.

Chen Shiyan went to the side with the help of Chang Xuan. Since Shen Weiwei’s anger moved to somewhere else, she definitely did not want to be in her way in case she was affected. But she was curious how Xia Ning offended the two misses.

Of course, she wanted these two misses to teach Xia Ning a lesson today. Since she lost her face like this today, if someone could accompany her that would be better.

Producer Feng’s expression turned somewhat awkward. Now he wanted to slap himself. If he had known, he would not have said that. Now Shen Weiwei had a chance to follow up with what he just said. Didn’t this miss understand that he was just being courteous?

Noticing that Producer Feng was not talking, Shen Weiwei turned impatient immediately. “What, can’t you do that?”

Producer Feng thought about his wording for a second and said with a smile, “It’s not that. It’s just that our show is close to the end now. If we change the female lead now, it would not look good.”

“What’s not good about it?” Shen Weiwei sneered. “If I remember correctly, my cousin is the investor of this show. If I ask my cousin, the female lead can be changed at once.”

Producer Feng was caught in a complete dilemma now. Not only was this Shen Weiwei the daughter of the Shen Group, but she was also President Qiao’s cousin. With this layer of relationship, it would be very difficult.

If President Qiao really gave Xia Ning’s female lead to Shen Weiwei, he would not be able to do anything about it. He could only rely on Director Li’s friendship with President Qiao then.

This kind of relationship was really awful. No one could be offended, and he ended up being the punching bag.

Jiang Xinyi followed, “Brother Qiao has only one cousin sister, and that’s Weiwei. He would definitely satisfy her simple wish like this.”

Shen Weiwei held her head up and smirked. She was not only the daughter of the Shen Group but also the cousin of the president of Shengshi. Who was Xia Ning?

“Ha…” Someone laughed.

Shen Weiwei and Jiang Xinyi’s faces turned slightly and looked over.

“What are you laughing at?” Shen Weiwei said with anger.

Xia Ning darted a look at her and said with a ghostly smile, “Miss Shen, even though you are from a rich family, you can’t really control other people’s laughs.”

“You!” Shen Weiwei was so upset. She was obviously making fun of her. Did she think she could not make that out?

Jiang Xinyi frowned and said, “Miss Xia, aren’t you Movie Queen Shen’s fan? Are you going to talk to her niece like this?”

Xia Ning shot a glance at Jiang Xinyi and said calmly, “Miss Jiang, you are not entirely right. I’m Movie Queen Shen’s fan and not her niece’s. In my mind, Movie Queen Shen’s acting skills are way better than Miss Shen’s. It would be too early for Miss Shen to want to inherit Movie Queen Shen’s name.”

“What did you say?!” Shen Weiwei had heard all the flattering about her acting skills matching her aunt’s. Now someone was denying it like this so how could she not be pissed.

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “I said Miss Shen’s acting skills are not as good as Movie Queen Shen’s. Is that wrong?” Suddenly, she curled her lips. “Miss Shen, are you not convinced by Movie Queen Shen?”