Chapter 220: Qiao Yu’s Here

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Shen Weiwei looked at Xia Ning and her entire body was shaking. Xia Ning was definitely looking down on her.

Even though Jiang Xinyi had heard Xia Ning’s sharp mouth, she could not refute her at all.

If Weiwei really was not convinced by Movie Queen Shen, the media would be making things up again.

As for Producer Feng, he was praising Xia Ning in his heart. Only she could choke Shen Weiwei like this.

Even Chen Shiyan could not help but look at Xia Ning. It definitely looked like Xia Ning and these two misses were not on good terms. If that was the case, it would be beneficial to her.

How could Shen Weiwei be willing to be mocked by Xia Ning like this? She sneered. “I can’t be compared to my auntie but compared to you, I’m still much better. You, leave this show now!”

Wen Jing was irritated by Shen Weiwei’s arrogance. She sneered and said, “When you say others’ acting skills are incomparable to yours, please first take a close look at others’ work. No, you better look at the ones you are in. You don’t look like you’ve watched them at all.”

“Who the hell are you? Talking to me like this!” Shen Weiwei’s face was turning black. Since Wen Jing ignored her completed, she loosened her temper on Producer Feng. “Why are you standing here? Kick those two out now!”

Remembering her getting kicked out by Xia Ning from the hair salon, she was even more upset. This time she would kick her out!

People around them saw Shen Weiwei’s arrogant fac and were all looking irritated. Who the hell was she and why was she here on the set telling people what to do? If someone like her became the female lead, nothing good would happen to them.

Producer Feng was obviously losing his patience for a woman like Shen Weiwei. He frowned and said, “Miss Shen…”

“What, Producer Feng? Do you really want me to tell my cousin that you bullied me?” Shen Weiwei smirked.

Producer Feng was upset to death as well. Who would dare to bully a miss like her? But she did not look like she was going to let this go easily today. In any case, he should make her leave first.

“Xia Ning, why don’t you go now?” Producer Feng turned to Xia Ning. She was a smart one and should know what he meant.

Xia Ning moved the corner of her mouth. Of course, she understood. But it did not mean that she would listen to him. Why on earth would she have to leave when Shen Weiwei got here?! She turned around and saw Shen Weiwei’s proud face and was ready to speak.

Just at this time, someone said, “President Qiao’s here.”

Everyone’s eyes looked to one direction.

Xia Ning followed their eyes and looked over. Qiao Yu was walking towards here with his assistant, Chen Hong. Behind them were a few bodyguards with bags in their hands.

She frowned deeply immediately. Why was he here again?

Shen Weiwei and Jiang Xinyi saw that Qiao Yu was here and both of their faces changed at once. They felt their hearts were jumping out.

Producer Feng looked at Qiao Yu as if he saw a savior. He walked up immediately. “President Qiao, you are here.”

Qiao Yu nodded and darted a look at Shen Weiwei and Jiang Xinyi. He said calmly, “What’s the matter?” It was a question for Producer Feng.

Producer Feng was just about to speak but Jiang Xinyi interrupted him. “Brother Qiao, we know you are here, so me and Weiwei came to visit you.” As she spoke, she pulled Shen Weiwei’s clothes.

Shen Weiwei’s biggest fear in life was Qiao Yu. Although she was just saying Qiao Yu really treated her, the younger cousin sister, very well, deep in her heart she was not sure about that.

“Yeah, Brother Qiao, Xinyi and I are here for you.”

Qiao Yu darted a look at them and frowned almost invisibly.

Chen Hong saw Qiao Yu’s look and knew exactly what he was thinking. There was no set schedule for Boss to come to the set. No way they were here for him under such uncertainty!

“That sounded really good.” A sneer came suddenly.

Everyone’s eyes fell onto the person who was talking, including Qiao Yu.

“President Qiao, don’t be fooled by them. Before you came, they were so arrogant, asking Sister Xia Ning to give up her lead role. Someone even said she was your cousin and it would be easy enough for you to change the female lead.”