Chapter 221: A Pretentious B*tch

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The second these words were out, Jiang Xinyi and Shen Weiwei’s faces turned white.

“Brother Qiao, it was not like that!” Jiang Xinyi tried to explain immediately. But catching Qiao Yu’s cold eyes, she shivered unconsciously.

Yep, nothing could be hidden before Brother Qiao.

Shen Weiwei glared at Wen Jing. “You are lying. It wasn’t like that at all.” As she spoke, she turned to Qiao Yu. “Brother Qiao, Xinyi and I were wronged.” She wanted to be more confident, but her trembling voice sold her out. Her hands, even her body were shaking.

With Wen Jing’s start, Chang Xuan followed, “President Qiao, this Miss Shen came to the set and started to beat and curse Sister Shiyan. Sister Shiyan was hurt by her.”

Chen Shiyan looked at Qiao Yu and said with a forced smile, “President Qiao, it’s okay. Maybe it was because something I said upset Miss Shen.”

Shen Weiwei smiled hearing her words. “Who the hell do you think you are, that I need you to put in good words for me? You are the one who I’m beating today…”

Chen Shiyan stopped talking and held her head low. She looked like she was very wronged.

Xia Ning was standing there watching Shen Weiwei, Jiang Xinyi, and Chen Shiyan putting on the show. She curled her lips unconsciously. It seems like acting skills are very important if you want to survive in society.

But even so, Chen Shiyan could still continue her performance. That was impressive. Could she be thinking that Qiao Yu might fall for her?

Suddenly a gaze landed on her. Xia Ning looked up and saw those black eyes. She turned her head around and looked elsewhere.

Qiao Yu looked at Producer Feng all of a sudden. “I remember saying irrelevant personnels are not allowed on the set.”

Xia Ning darted a look at Qiao Yu. Irrelevant personnels should include him as well.

Producer Feng’s heart skipped a beat. He said immediately, “President Qiao is right.”

Shen Weiwei did not want to give up like this. She looked at Qiao Yu and said, “Brother Qiao, I want the leading role in this show. I want to kick the bitch, Chen Shiyan, out…” He was her cousin so why was he helping outsiders in the end? He should do what everybody else’s cousin would do, granting the wish of his little cousin sister.

Jiang Xinyi heard her and changed her expression. She looked at Shen Weiwei unbelievably. Was she crazy? How dare she ask Brother Qiao for something like this?

Qiao Yu looked at her and there was coldness in his deep eyes. Chen Hong who was standing next to him felt his body temperature dropping instantly. He felt sorry for Shen Weiwei in his heart.

Even her brother, Shen Tianlang, would not be like this in front of Boss. What gave her the courage? Was it the fondness from the other seniors in her family?

Sorry, Boss had no fondness for her at all. Plus, she wanted Boss’s wife’s role. It would be a win for her if Boss did not punish her. Why was she still here saying random things?

Jiang Xinyi saw that the situation was not leaning to their side and spoke immediately, “Brother Qiao, Weiwei did not mean that. She’s not feeling well today. That’s why she was speaking…”

“Speaking without her brain? Wen Jing teased. For an unruly miss like Shen Weiwei, she had zero compassion. As for a pretentious b*tch like Jiang Xinyi, she was even more despised.

Jiang Xinyi darted an unfriendly look at Wen Jing and turned to Xia Ning. “Miss Xia, please control your assistant’s behavior.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her and curled her lips. “Wasn’t she saying what Miss Jiang wanted to say? Why would it be okay if it was from Miss Jiang, but not okay from her? What could be the reason?” As she spoke, she looked as if she thought of something. She put on a teasing smile. “Or you are saying, you want to call Miss Shen stupid yourself, Miss Jiang?”