Chapter 222: Shen Weiwei Left

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“You!” Jiang Xinyi was so upset and glared at Xia Ning.

Shen Weiwei was almost mad as hell. Why was everyone against her today!

“Brother Qiao, if you don’t help me, I will tell Auntie.” Shen Weiwei gave up and let her temper out.

Qiao Yu looked towards the direction of Director Li. “Clear the set now and get ready for shooting. From now on, whoever lets them in, will leave the crew.” He did not even give Shen Weiwei a look.

Shen Weiwei was frozen and her expression was extremely awkward. Tears were circling in her eyes.

Nobody had treated her like this ever since her birth! She felt more and more wronged. All her face was lost here today.

“Woo…” She cried out loud and started to run towards the outside.

Chen Hong darted an ironic look to Shen Weiwei. If she were not Boss’s cousin, Boss would not treat her this nicely today.

Jiang Xinyi saw Shen Weiwei leaving and was a bit worried. She looked back at Qiao Yu and he was walking with steady paces towards the front, not paying any attention to what happened behind him.

She felt a bit cold in her heart. He was treating his own cousin sister like this and not to mention the others.

Jiang Xinyi suddenly looked around and darted a look at Xia Ning. “I hope Miss Xia would be able to laugh till the end,” she said coldly.

Xia Ning curled her lips. “I don’t know if I could laugh till the end or not, but I will definitely laugh longer than you, Miss Jiang.”

Jiang Xinyi was choked by Xia Ning’s words and could not find a place to let her anger out. She shot an angry look at Xia Ning and turned around to catch up with Shen Weiwei.

After Jiang Xinyi and Shen Weiwei left, the people around started to clap immediately.

That was so venting. This kind of misses from the rich families were annoying. They always considered themselves as princesses and thought everybody around them should flatter them. Now they were being slapped in the face.

“Sister Xia Ning, good job!” Wen Jing did a thumbs up to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning looked at her funnily. She should be telling her that okay? This little girl was still so impulsive, but this kind of naivety really fascinated her.

People like them considered about too many things and eventually got lost.

Chen Shiyan darted a look at Xia Ning and there was some coldness flashing through her eyes. She turned around and left directly.

Wen Jing saw it and frowned. “Sister Xia Ning, what kind of attitude does this woman have? As if you owe her something. She is obviously the cause of everything today so why is she looking like nothing had to do with her? Did she think people don’t know about what she did?”

Xia Ning said helplessly, “Well, don’t think about it. Also, I’m not friends with Shen Weiwei anyway.”

Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning and said with a straight face, “Even so, it was Shen Weiwei’s fault.”

Xia Ning smiled. Such a simple girl.

Seeing Chen Shiyan’s back, Wen Jing sneered. “It seems to me that she wants to thank President Qiao immediately.”

Wen Jing darted a look at Wen Jing, “I didn’t blame you just now and you are starting to talk nonsense again now?”

Wen Jing twitched her lips and sneered slightly. “Sure, I won’t say that anymore. In any case, I’m waiting for Chen Shiyan to be slapped on her face.”

Xia Ning threw a look at Wen Jing and smiled. She should be right this time.

Sure enough, Chen Shiyan got changed and went to find Qiao Yu to thank him.

Qiao Yu was talking to Director Li and did not even pay attention to Chen Shiyan standing next to them.

Chen Shiyan knew Qiao Yu had a cold personality. She was still smiling. “President Qiao, thank you. If it was not for you today, I wouldn’t know what to do,” she said sincerely.

Qiao Yu still did not answer and was browsing through the script with his head low.

Chen Shiyan ground her teeth. Seeing Qiao Yu’s cold face, she finally understood why Li Shanshan was trying so hard to climb up a tall tree like President Qiao. Because only he could save her. Young Master Song had already given up on her and everyone was looking at her like a joke now. If she did not try harder, she would be stepped upon by others sooner or later.

“President Qiao, I hope I did not make trouble for you today?” Chen Shiyan was trying hard to find topics. After all, when she was forced to drink the other night, Qiao Yu was there as well. She was not sure if he would mind that she used to be Young Master Song’s woman.

Qiao Yu closed the script and looked up at Chen Shiyan. He said coldly, “You have 15 scenes to do. I hope in two days, I’m not going to see you on the set anymore.”