Chapter 224: Asking Him To Meet?

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What did his personality have to do with her? Xia Ning frowned slightly.

“So there is no need for you to misunderstand at all.” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning and went on. He took a look at her bag. “Go back and have a good rest.” He then turned around and returned to where he was before.

Seeing his back, Xia Ning felt very odd. She then smirked slightly. What did she misunderstand?

“Sister Xia Ning, what did President Qiao’s words to you mean? Why couldn’t I understand a thing?” Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning with confusion.

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “Just consider him crazy.”

“Huh?” Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning’s back with confusion. President Qiao being crazy? Must be a joke. But, why did President Qiao seem so familiar with Sister Xia Ning?

The next morning, Xia Ning saw the breakfast on her chair in the rest area. “Did you get this for me?” she looked at Wen Jing who was here earlier than her and asked.

Wen Jing shook her head. “Not me! President Qiao’s assistant put it here.”

“Really?” Xia Ning said calmly.

Wen Jing looked at Xia Ning and asked with confusion, “Sister Xia Ning, is President Qiao chasing after you?” Even asking people to send her breakfast.

Xia Ning heard that and changed her expression. She darted a look at Wen Jing. “You are mistaken.”

Wen Jing wanted to say something back. But seeing the look of Xia Ning, she decided to keep mum.

“Ah, I remembered that I left my phone. Sister Xia Ning, I’m going back to get the phone.” Before she could finish her words, she ran away.

Xia Ning saw that she was in a rush and felt slightly helpless.

Her eyes fell onto the breakfast on the chair again and frowned. She picked it up and threw it in the garbage bin.

When it was time for lunch, Xia Ning saw the Taro Chicken and some other food from S City in the lunch box and gave them to Wen Jing directly.

In the afternoon, Wen Jing picked up the afternoon tea.

Wen Jing said to Xia Ning secretively, “Sister Xia Ning, I noticed that yours are different from ours.”

Xia Ning smiled. “Must be a coincidence.” She took the food from Wen Jing and put them aside.

Wen Jing stared at Xia Ning with distrust. Really? She just realized recently. She could not be that stupid to not notice President Qiao was treating Sister Xia Ning differently.

However, Sister Xia Ning did not seem interested.

Lu Chuan walked over to say hi to Xia Ning. He teased her with a smile, “President Qiao is really good to you. Not only does he accompany you when you are acting, but he also takes care of your food. A man like this is really hard to find. You must be laughing behind us.”

Xia Ning looked calm. “You are overthinking. Haven’t you heard that there must be a problem if something is unusual?”

Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning with confusion. Normally when a girl was treated so carefully by a rich single guy, shouldn’t she be looking very shy but excited inside? But Xia Ning’s reaction was so cold and nothing like that at all.

After a few scenes in the afternoon, Xia Ning took out her phone and sent a text message.

Qiao Yu had just finished a call. He saw the text message in his message box and was surprised. He glanced at the person who was walking towards the scene and looked somewhat shocked. Was she asking him to meet?

Xia Ning finished her part and took a look at her phone. She got a new message.

With only one word. “Sure!”

She closed the messaging app and started to browse Weibo with her phone.

Many fans were asking her to post. Maybe it was because there weren’t any gossips about her lately, her Weibo account was a lot quieter.

She clicked into an official Weibo account, The Angel Fund. Peace was just temporary. She curled her lips. This was just the beginning.