Chapter 225: Was She Very Impressed?!

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Around midnight, in the same park, Xia Ning was holding her phone with a headset in her ear. She was listening to music with a paper bag in her hand.

After about 10 minutes, a black Bentley drove over and a man came out of the car.

“What do you need me for?” Qiao Yu walked over to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning saw him walking over and took off the headset. She then handed the paper bag to him.

Qiao Yu took it and had a look. He frowned. It was some food. If he remembered correctly, it was the food that he thought she liked and specifically prepared for her.

“I was really hungry around noon, so I had to finish lunch. The rest is here,” Xia Ning said calmly.

Qiao Yu stared at her. “What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean? Qiao Yu, are you having fun?” Xia Ning sneered.

Qiao Yu frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know what I’m talking about? You came to the set to be the director’s intern and even started to take care of my life and give me flowers. Don’t tell me these are just coincidences or just your kindness.” Xia Ning stared at the man in front of her coldly.

Qiao Yu looked at her and did not deny. He answered directly, “You are right. None of them are a coincidence.”

Xia Ning looked up to the starry sky and laughed suddenly. “Qiao Yu, did you make all these moves to get me to remarry you? I can tell you the answer now. No way!”

Qiao Yu looked at her. “Why?”

This was their third time talking about getting back together but her answer had never changed. He did not understand.

Didn’t she love him? Didn’t they have a kid? Plus, he was being nice to her. Why was she not willing to remarry him?

Xia Ning chuckled and ironically said to him, “Are you asking me why? Seems like you did not think clearly about that question!”

Qiao Yu frowned. “What question?”

Xia Ning sneered and looked around. Obviously, when someone did not care, he would ignore his own problem.

“What the question was does not matter. What matters is that I will not make myself marry someone I don’t love anymore.” Xia Ning sneered. “Where did you get your confidence that I will have to pick you? Do you think I’m still the stupid girl who would run behind you no matter what? Qiao Yu, I’ve said this before. You taught me a lot, first of which is how to be a heartless person, looking at what others are doing and ignoring them completely.”

Qiao Yu looked at her and the coldness in him started to seep out slowly.

Xia Ning glanced at his dark face and thought ironically in her heart, were these words hurtful? No, because actions were way more hurtful than just words.

“So who do you love?” The man’s cold voice came.

Xia Ning smiled suddenly. He would go so far as to ask her a question like this.

“What does it have to do with you? Qiao Yu, on the day we divorced, we made it clear that you would be going your way and I would go mine. How many times do you want to make me repeat this? Don’t let me see you on the set again. Otherwise, either you or I will leave. Just like how I moved from that apartment!” Xia Ning darted a cold look at him and turned around to go back where she came from.

Just at this time, Qiao Yu’s phone rang. He took it out, took a look and was ready to pick up.

Seeing Xia Ning leaving him, he tried to stop her directly.

“Don’t touch me!” Xia Ning got rid of his hand, but Qiao Yu did not give up. As they were pushing each other, the phone dropped to the ground.

Xia Ning’s hand happened to touch the answer button.

Around midnight in the park, it was extremely quiet, and only the songs of the bugs could be heard.

“Alex, how did it go? Was she very impressed…”

Qiao Yu’s face changed slightly and wanted to pick the phone up. But another hand was a step ahead of him.

Xia Ning picked up the phone and tilted her head to look at Qiao Yu. She curled her lips a little and put the phone on speaker.