Chapter 234: Married Her Not Just Because Of The Kid

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Mu Zichen looked at Qiao Yu somewhat helplessly. If he was so careless about the girl before and now he wanted to get her back, no wonder she did not even want to talk to him. If she actually agreed, she would be getting into all the trouble again.

But he could definitely not tell Qiao Yu this directly. He thought about it for a moment and continued, “Have you done anything romantic with your ex-wife? Actually, anything memorable?” Had he known anything about romantic gestures, he would not have been miserable like this now.

Qiao Yu heard that and frowned a little. Anything memorable?

He gave it some thought. There seemed to be nothing big or crazy when they were together. Just back then, when she stopped bugging him, that kind of empty feeling was still deep down in his heart.

“Nothing?” Mu Zichen saw that Qiao Yu was not talking and said tentatively.

Qiao Yu frowned. “I was very busy back then.”

Mu Zichen smirked. “If you were so busy, why did you marry her anyway? You married her and kept ignoring her. That was bad.”

The moment these words were out, Qiao Yu’s face turned ugly immediately.

Mu Zichen was really good at reading people. He continued immediately, “So can you tell me, why you married her before? It couldn’t be just because she had your baby? No way. You didn’t look like the kind who would marry someone out of responsibility. Didn’t you like her even a little bit?”

Did he like her? Qiao Yu’s eyebrows twitched slightly. After some silence, he said suddenly, “Indeed it was because she was pregnant.”

Gosh, marrying with a baby. He actually did that. Mu Zichen was somewhat helpless. Why was he still after her then? Just because you regretted now, you did not have the right to destroy the happiness of the other person for the rest of her life. Just as he was about to try to persuade him, he heard something else.

“But it was not just because of the baby.”

Mu Zichen looked at the man with a cold face in the front and was a bit shocked. God would know how insensitive this guy was when it came to relationship. It was already a big step for him to say something like this.

“That was what you thought. Did she know?” Mu Zichen asked.

Qiao Yu frowned and said calmly, “She wouldn’t listen or she just did not believe it at all.”

Mu Zichen was speechless. “That must be because you didn’t do enough. If you…” Before he could finish, a knock came suddenly.

Qiao Yu looked at the door and said calmly, “Come in.”

Chen Lin pushed the door open and darted a look at Mu Zichen. She then turned to Qiao Yu and said, “President Qiao, Miss Jiang from the Jiang Group is here to see you. She said she wanted to apologize to you and there is something important she wanted to tell you. She’s downstairs right now. Do you want to have her up?”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Chen Lin. “Do you need me to tell you what to do about this kind of stuff?”

Chen Lin was frightened for a short second and she said at once, “Yes, Boss, I understand. From now on you will not hear a single word about things like this. I will leave you now.” As she spoke, she left and closed the door.

Mu Zichen stared at Qiao Yu and said with a smile, “You need to treat women gently. Your personality is definitely not liked by girls.”

Qiao Yu glanced over Mu Zichen. “You sure know a lot.”

“Of course!” Mu Zichen raised his eyebrows and looked somewhat complacent. As if he thought of something, he continued, “You have to admit that your ex-wife could not stand your personality and refused to accept you. She’s from a famous school and not stupid at all. Why would she accept someone who makes her life difficult?”

Qiao Yu said coldly, “Get out!”

“Hey, I’m telling the truth. Why are you like this now? You know good advice jars on the ear,” Mu Zichen said, upset. “If I were her, I’d look for someone who’s nice to me.”

The moment these words were out, the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees. Mu Zichen could not help but shiver. He looked up and saw Qiao Yu’s gloomy eyes.

He put on an awkward smile. It seems like he put salt on someone’s wound.

“Ay, don’t look so bitter. Let’s get out and have some fun. Even a machine would go wrong after long hours, not to mention man.” As he spoke, he went up to grab Qiao Yu and push him outside.

Jiang Xinyi waited at the front desk for a long time and was told that Qiao Yu would not see her. She did not understand why Brother Qiao was treating her like this.

They could be seen as childhood sweethearts. Everybody knew she was the one to marry Brother Qiao. But Brother Qiao had never put her in his eyes. What was not good about her? Why was she not as good as Xia Ning?!

She would definitely let Brother Qiao know her true colors!