Chapter 235: You Are Worried About Too Many Things

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Right after Jiang Xinyi left, Qiao Yu and Mu Zichen walked out. Handsome guys were indeed popular creatures, not to mention when they came in pairs. The girls on the first floor caught sight of the two and were completely dazzled and could not control themselves.

Seeing Mu Zichen saying hi to the girls, Qiao Yu looked very despised.

“Don’t you see more girls are looking at me than you? That’s why cool guys’ time is over. Smile more and you will look nicer,” Mu Zichen said with a smile.

Qiao Yu darted him a look. “That’s because I’m their boss and they don’t dare to stare at me. But you are just a stranger and they don’t know you well. Of course they will be more curious about you.”

Mu Zichen: “…” Okay you win.

When they were out of the Shengshi Building, Qiao Yu went to pick up the car directly.

Mu Zichen was on the passenger seat and saw Jiang Xinyi who was walking next to them on the sidewalk. He looked at the cold-faced man next to him and said, “If I did not see wrong, wasn’t that your fiancée from a couple years ago.”

“No!” Qiao Yu answered coldly.

Mu Zichen nodded. “I don’t see you falling for a woman like that anyway.”

Qiao Yu darted a cold look at him. “Sounds like you know me well.”

Mu Zichen smiled awkwardly. “No, no. Just a little.” Just a guy who was not open about his own feelings!

In the bar, Qiao Yu was sitting there and drinking in silence.

Gao Yang looked at Mu Zichen and said, “What’s wrong with my brother?”

“What could be wrong? He drove his own wife away and is very unhappy now.” Mu Zichen laid against the bar and was still joking with a girl next to him.

Gao Yang’s face changed a little and walked to Qiao Yu’s side. “Brother, I heard you were in J City a couple of days ago. Does Shengshi have projects there?” he said.

Qiao Yu darted a look at him. “What do you want to say?”

“Were you there for that woman?” Gao Yang’s face turned a bit unpleasant immediately.

Qiao Yu looked at Gao Yang. “I told you it’s not your job to worry about my life.”

“It’s not my job, but what about Auntie? She knew about Xia Ning’s existence already. And she would never take in a woman like Xia Ning,” Gao Yang frowned and said.

Qiao Yu shot a cold look at Gao Yang and said, “Gao Yang, know your place!”

Gao Yang put his glass on the table and sat next to Qiao Yu. He tried to persuade him, “Brother, what’s wrong with you? You used to not care about her at all and why did you get married to her and have a baby? Tell me, did she trick you into all these?”

“Enough!” Qiao Yu threw his glass on the table forcefully. He looked at Gao Yang with cold eyes. “I don’t want to hear about this for a second time.” As he spoke, he got up and walked towards the outside.

Gao Yang was a bit upset, but had nowhere to let it out and had to sit there with an ugly expression.

Mu Zichen on the side noticed what was going on with the cousins. He walked to Gao Yang’s side and said with a smile, “Gao Yang, when did you start to be like this?”

“What did you say?” Gao Yang glared at Mu Zichen.

Mu Zichen sipped some wine and chuckled. “Only the ones in the relationship know what’s really going on. Why would an outsider like you have the right to meddle?”

“He’s my brother!”

“But you are just cousins. Even if he dies someday, his money would go to his wife and sons, not you. You are worried about too many things,” Mu Zichen darted a look at Gao Yang and said calmly.

Gao Yang frowned. Mu Zichen’s words were hard to hear, but even he himself had to admit he was right. Yes, it had nothing to do with him.

“Why do you hate that ex-wife of his?” Mu Zichen asked suddenly.

Gao Yang sneered. “She is just a cruel and heartless woman. No need to mention her.”

Mu Zichen twitched his mouth. Really? He would know one day.

That night, someone posted on Weibo with an alt account.

An actress whose last name started with X only had a high school education but pretended to be an international student from the famous University of Cambridge. She was just a third-tier star who climbed her way up by sleeping with rich people.