Chapter 237: Collateral Damage To Gao Yang

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When she got to the set, Xia Ning could feel the different looks on her.

Falsifying a degree would make people question her personality.

People were always like this. They would never forgive others’ mistakes and would even magnify these kinds of mistakes, just to show how good they were.

After the filming, Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning with concern as well. “Xia Ning, let me tell you this. This is not just a little thing. If you don’t take care of this well, your fans will definitely question your personality.”

“So do you believe in me, Brother Lu?”

Lu Chuan was surprised. He looked into Xia Ning’s eyes. These must be the clearest eyes he had even seen. They were so pure. He nodded instinctively. “I believe in you.”

Xia Ning curled her lips slightly. “That’s more than enough. I’m glad that Brother Lu, you are willing to trust me even at this time.”

“I will definitely come up with a way to help you,” Lu Chuan said with a serious tone.

Xia Ning looked at him and smiled. “Thank you, Brother Lu, but there is no need. I will take care of this myself.”

Lu Chuan saw her filled with confidence and nodded. In his impression, there seems to be nothing that would take Xia Ning down.

The scenes in the afternoon were still going.

The basic scenes were all done and all that was left were just some make-up scenes. Like Zheng Haodong, his parts were done yesterday.

After a night of development, the people on the Internet were not only focusing on the actress X falsifying a degree but more on Xia Ning and Gao Yang’s gossips.

“What senior and junior. It must be because Gao Yang wanted to help Xia Ning so he made up all these. If you are sleeping together, that’s fine. Why would you make up things like this? So disgusting.”

“So who is so daring to reveal Young Master Gao’s woman? Who knows what Young Master Gao might do to stand up for his woman and that person might be very unlucky.”

“I thought Xia Ning was a good student full of positive energy. Now I feel like f*cking a dog.”

“I noticed that Xia Ning is really good. She can make the headlines all the time.”

No one knew if someone behind this really got unlucky or not. But when Gao Yang saw this, he was completely shocked.

What kind of joke was this? How could he and Xia Ning be in this kind of relationship?!

Who was so stupid as to think of them like this? If his family saw this, it would not really look good. Not to mention Brother Qiao was really upset about him.

Good thing Brother flew to England last night.

Just as Gao Yang was feeling lucky himself, he got a call from Qiao Yu. He shivered slightly and had to pick up the call.

“Brother, this is really not my fault. I’m innocent, okay? Last time, it was you who told me to clarify for Xia Ning.”

“I did clarify, but if people want to put it this way, what can I do?”

“Yes, I will take care of it. I don’t even need your reminder,” Gao Yang said helplessly. My god, he would never want any gossip with Xia Ning like this. It was disgusting.

In England, in the British Branch of Shengshi Group, Qiao Yu was standing in front of the building and saw the attacks online at Xia Ning. He frowned slightly.

He was just gone for a short while and she couldn’t wait to have gossips again. Good thing it was just with Gao Yang.

Qiao Yu stood there for a while and took out his phone to make a call. “Did you find out who was behind this?”

“The Shen family?”

“You are saying Xia Ning has another name?”

“I see. Re-investigate Shen Weiran’s relationship with Xia Ning. Use the name you just said!”

Qiao Yu shut his phone and looked at the road outside the duplex. A girl was chasing a guy, with a lunch box in her hand. She was full of expectation and looked nervous.

His face changed a little. This seemed so familiar to him.