Chapter 238: She Looks Like Su Yi

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In the hotel in J City, Xia Ning saw the comments about her relationship with Gao Yang and wanted to laugh. Why would anyone associate her with Gao Yang?

This was just some indefensible dirt. It would be so easy to explain and resolve this. But she did not want to do it so fast.

Xia Ning walked to the French window. She took out her phone and made a call.

“Just some tiny dirt and it’s not too hard to clear. Don’t worry. With this dirt going on, I want to know our Movie Queen Shen’s attitude to me as well.”

“Ziming, don’t worry. If my identity is revealed, there’s nothing to be worried about. I just want to know if she remembers my existence. That’s the main point.”

“So, no need to take action against the dirt.”

Xia Ning put down her phone and looked to the distance. Her eyes were dark. So this time she should really thank the gossips.

The scenes on the set were still shooting. The news about Xia Ning falsifying her degree was all over the Internet, but even that did not affect Xia Ning’s performance on the set.

This kind of news would normally just last for a few days and then die down.

But someone tried to dig deeper into Xia Ning’s background and explained that this newcomer came from a big background.

Donating 10 million at the charity reception, who gave her the confidence to be so outrageous? In the meantime, the people who found Shen Weiran and Xia Ning’s relationship also jumped out.

Someone even compared the facial features of the two and found that their eyebrows and eyes were somewhat alike.

The Gao Family and the Shen Family were related by marriage. If Xia Ning really had some relationship with Movie Queen Shen, that could explain why Xia Ning and Gao Yang were not just senior and junior at school as they had claimed.

Guesses were not really useful so some reporters waited till Shen Weiran got out of the door, and went to block her and ask.

Shen Weiran said she was not familiar with Xia Ning and that she only knew she was her fan. She did not really know her personal matters. This way, she kind of cleared the guesses of their relationship.

But people on the Internet did not believe her. If Xia Ning falsified her own degree, she would be nothing good. So was her donation of 10 million to Shen Weiran’s fund really just out of admiration of her idol?

And Shen Weiran’s 200 million was indeed questioned a lot by the outside. In one word, both of them were nothing good. Shen Weiran was pushed to the spotlight again and some were even saying Xia Ning was the illegitimate daughter of Shen Weiran.

Shen Weiran’s reputation had not been great before. But her background was so strong and she had an awesome PR team. She hadn’t made much big news these years, therefore her image was turned into a gentle and nice woman.

In the Song house, Shen Weiran was sitting on the sofa and reading the news about the guesses of her relationship with Xia Ning with a frown.

Li Da saw her serious face and said in a low voice, “I don’t know who started this first but it’s unstoppable. This Xia Ning is definitely using your name to be famous. It was because of her that you got some much dirt before. Now she has only herself to blame!”

Shen Weiran did not talk and her eyes were fixed on Xia Ning’s face. She seemed to be lost in thoughts.

Li Da looked over and saw Shen Weiran’s face. He asked suddenly, “Anyways, is she really your daughter? To be honest, she really looks a bit like you.”

Shen Weiran held the newspaper tight and said suddenly, “I did not notice this before, but now if I look closely, she definitely looks a lot like him!”

“Who?” Li Da looked at Shen Weiran with confusion.

Shen Weiran closed her eyes slightly and went into silence for a while. She then uttered two words slowly, “Su Yi.”