Chapter 239: Who Told You Xia Ning Was My Junior!

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Hearing the name from Shen Weiran’s mouth, Li Da was surprised. It had been so long since he heard her mentioning that name.

Some things, some people, were already sealed in memory. They were not mentioned because no one wanted to remember the storm and pain from before.

“Are you saying Xia Ning is his daughter?” Li Da looked at Shen Weiran suddenly and asked. “If that’s the case, then Xia Ning must be your…”

Shen Weiran opened her eyes and looked at Li Da. “I don’t know. Therefore, I want you to find out Xia Ning’s real identity!”

Li Da had rarely seen Shen Weiran’s sharp look like this. He was caught in surprise but he nodded at once. “I understand.”

As Gao Yang was a young master who had achieved a lot in S City, naturally, many media wanted to interview Gao Yang. This time, he accepted an exclusive interview with one of the TV stations, just to clarify the gossip between him and Xia Ning.

The interview took place in the General Manager’s office for Gao Yang. The female reporter stared at the handsome guy in front of her and swallowed unconsciously. Such a perfect man. If she were Xia Ning, she would probably have climbed up anxiously as well.

But she was actually a fan of Xia Ning’s, so she did not really believe there were unspeakable things between the two.

When the interview started, Gao Yang went to sit on the couch.

After a series of praises for Gao Yang, the female reporter started to ask questions. “Young Master Gao, you are a rising star in the business circle and your relationships have been paid a lot of attention to. Right now, the public is saying you are in a relationship with Miss Xia. Is that true?”

Gao Yang smiled. “I think I answered this one before. Why are you asking me again? I’m just school mates with Xia Ning. We met before at the Cambridge international student gathering. We were pretty friendly. Therefore, I went to visit her last time when I was in J City.”

The female reporter asked, “But the Internet is saying that there is no one named Xia Ning in the graduate lists from your class or the classes after you.”

Gao Yang looked a bit odd. He darted a look at the reporter. “Who told you she was in my class, or she was in the classes after me?”

The female reporter was a bit surprised. “So…”

Gao Yang smiled. “As a matter of fact, even though Xia Ning is younger than me, she was actually two years ahead of me at school. When I met her, she was already in her first year of grad school. If you don’t believe it, I can show you the photo when we had the gathering.”

The female reporter was shocked immediately. My god, really? She had heard Xia Ning was a good student. But according to what Gao Yang was saying, Xia Ning not only got her Bachelor’s degree at Cambridge but also her Master’s. That was crazy! If she did the calculation, Xia Ning was only about 20 when she got into grad school.

“So is there any possibility for Young Master Gao and Miss Xia to go one step further?”

Gao Yang darted a look at the reporter. “Where do you think I look good together with Xia Ning? Don’t you think having a girlfriend who’s smarter than yourself is a burden, instead of a boast?”

After the interview, Gao Yang’s face was almost stiff. What did Xia Ning’s dirt have anything to do with him? Why did he have to clarify every single time?!

Also, admitting Xia Ning was his senior felt really weird okay?

When the contents of the interview spread out, there were a lot of comments again.

“Wow, what kind of joke is this? Such a young Master’s Degree holder from Cambridge! Also, if you look at Xia Ning’s debut date, she had already graduated for at least a year then.”

“A good student is indeed a good student. Now I think the person who revealed that Xia Ning falsified her degree was really just jealous. She not only had a bachelor’s degree, but also a master’s!”

“I don’t know why but I feel like each time Xia Ning has some dirt, it ends up with completely different endings.”

“Let’s go back to bed. Who knows if Young Master Gao and Xia Ning really have some kind of relationship? Who can dig up Xia Ning’s student profile at Cambridge?”

People were just asking about who was behind this online and did not expect someone to actually find that out.