Chapter 240: No Such Name As Xia Ning

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Someone good at technology found out that the IP address of the alt account that revealed all these belonged to an actress in Huanyu Entertainment whose last name was Shen. And looking at the entire company of Huanyu, there were only two actresses whose last name was Shen.

One of them was Movie Queen Shen Weiran, the other her niece, Shen Weiwei.

Shen Weiran had been out of the circle for many years and she was Xia Ning’s idol. So she shouldn’t be the one who was framing Xia Ning. But Shen Weiwei was different. Someone online revealed that Shen Weiran had been to Xia Ning’s set to make a fuss and threatened she would take Xia Ning off the show using her background. That was enough to show that the two were not on good terms.

So people started to gossip again. And it was about Shen Weiwei this time.

As a fuerdai with a Movie Queen as her aunt, Shen Weiwei debuted with everyone’s attention, as well as jealousy.

And Shen Weiwei was not a low-key person. She was always very arrogant and had made enemies everywhere.

“Who the f*ck would ask her to act if she did not have a rich daddy? She has the face of a mean supporting role, yet she wants to be the female lead. Not unless the directors are blind!”

“It must be because she wanted Xia Ning’s female lead but did not succeed in getting it, so she started to frame her on purpose! This kind of fuerdai heirs should be staying at home and waiting to die. Don’t come out to make people’s life hard.”

“She said Xia Ning falsified her degree and she only graduated from a third-tier university. So f*cking shameless.”

Someone online found that Shen Weiwei used her own account to comment on how shameless Xia Ning was to falsify her degree. So they went to her Weibo account and started to post bad comments. In the end, Shen Weiwei had to shut down her comments.

Gao Yang did a good job and posted a few photos from Cambridge directly.

They were of an outing of the international students together, so there were quite a few people.

The power of the Internet was very strong. Soon, someone came out to confirm that Xia Ning was indeed from Cambridge.

“Asteria, aka Xia Ning, used to be pretty famous among us international students. She was younger but she had a strong sense of responsibility. We all liked her a lot.”

“I’m very surprised that Asteria became an actress. She got a bunch of offers from famous enterprises even when she was in her first year in grad school.”

“Could you not defame her without using your brain to think first? Can’t she just be clever? I can prove that Gao Yang was her junior.”

People on the Internet were like this, believing whatever they saw from somewhere or someone. A second ago, they were cursing Xia Ning for falsifying her degree and not being honest. Now that they knew the truth, they started to feel sorry and admire her.

“I knew Xia Ning was nothing like that. Someone must be jealous that she is young, beautiful and have a good education.”

“Master’s from Cambridge. That’s indeed awesome. I’d be happy to get a Bachelor’s at Cambridge.”

“I understand why I thought Xia Ning and Young Master Gao didn’t look good together now. Because Xia Ning was Young Master Gao’s senior and Young Master Gao could not really show off as a real man in front of Xia Ning. Very weak.”

“Asteria. Such a great name. It is from the goddess of nocturnal oracles and falling stars in ancient Greek mythology. Goddess Xia Ning, I love you.”

Shen Weiwei saw herself being revealed so quickly and was extremely upset. She crashed a few vases that were worth a couple hundred thousand.

Xia Ning was also surprised to see Gao Yang’s clarification. He hated her so much and could not be so nice as to clarify for her. He probably just wanted to show that he had no relationship with Xia Ning.

As if she thought of something, she frowned a little. She must just be overthinking.

But so many international students were involved. She did not think it was good, because indeed, there was no such name as Xia Ning on the list.