Chapter 241: The British Nationality

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In the hotel, Lu Qing saw the latest news updates and smiled at Xia Ning. “This Young Master Gao is a good person. This is a sort of clarification for you.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “Why don’t you think that he was just trying to show he had nothing to do with me and was not trying to help me at all?”

“What’s the matter? The point is, your name is clean again. Now people are on the Internet are saying nice things about you. See, they are saying you are pretty with a good education. Even calling you a goddess,” Lu Qing looked at the comments online and said to Xia Ning with a smile.

Xia Ning darted a look at her and despised her a little. Was this really her agent? She did not seem to have seen a lot of the outside world.

“Your parts are finishing up. Get ready quickly for Shi Hao’s MV when we are back in S City. The company is rushing us,” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning and said.

Xia Ning nodded. “I know. It shouldn’t be delayed any further.” Even so, she felt like it was not that simple.

Seeing Xia Ning’s ugly face, Lu Qing asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “I have to tell you something.”


“I’m not an international student,” Xia Ning looked at Lu Qing and said in a low voice.

Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning with confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I had British Nationality.”

Lu Qing stared at Xia Ning with wide eyes. “What did you say?”

Xia Ning tightened her lips without saying anything.

When Xia Ning went back to the set to finish up her parts, this time, everyone was treating her way nicer than before.

Wen Jing sneered. “These people are fence sitters. They only feel happy with others’ misfortune.”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. Wasn’t this a universal truth? But why would it matter?

When the filming was done, Director Li bought everyone a feast.

Everyone in the crew was there. It was rare that all of them were able to get together.

Zheng Haodong looked much better than before. It might be that his issues were resolved.

The atmosphere was very good at dinner. Xia Ning did not like to drink, but even she drank a little.

People like Zheng Haodong who did not get drunk naturally took on the responsibility of getting everyone back. The crowd was pushing and laughing when they got out of the restaurant. The filming was finally completed successfully.

In the Jiang house, Jiang Xinyi was looking at the news to clarify Xia Ning’s education. She was even more upset. This woman seems to have very good luck. Such a young Master’s Degree holder was not what she was expecting.

She had to ask for a favor from a friend at Cambridge to get the list from that class.

She used Shen Weiwei’s name to throw dirt at Xia Ning. Now Shen Weiwei was very upset at her as well. What could she do now?

Just as Jiang Xinyi was hesitating, she got a message on her phone.

Jiang Xinyi was very impatient when she opened it. But the second she saw it, her face started to look weird. With this, she wanted to see how Xia Ning could get herself out this time.

She did not know why she hated Xia Ning so much. But deep down in her heart, she knew she was a danger to her.

Or, when she stood in the front, she would make her, a lady from a good family look bad.

Just as the Internet was in awe at Xia Ning for having a great education, another news broke out suddenly.

There was no Xia Ning on the list of all the international students from the University of Cambridge. So was Xia Ning still lying? And did she even find a bunch of people together with Gao Yang to cover for her?

No, no. An alt Weibo account revealed directly that Xia Ning indeed graduated from grad school at Cambridge and was two classes ahead of Gao Yang.

But in her profile at Cambridge, her name was not Xia Ning. It was, in fact, her English name, Asteria Su. And she was no Chinese international student. Her nationality was British!