Chapter 242: Zheng Haodong’s Protection

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The Internet exploded again. My god, after all this, Xia Ning was not even Chinese. Oh, no, she was a British dog with Chinese blood.

In the hotel, Lu Qing was shocked by the news. Xia Ning had just told her her nationality and it was already all over the Internet. Should she be praising Xia Ning’s acuity or the speed of the person who was behind the scene collecting information?

Xia Ning was not surprised about this at all. Even the international students who were speaking up for her were using her English name.

Maybe because back then everyone was studying abroad and got used to the English names of each other, they did not pay a lot of attention to her Chinese name.

But her student profile at Cambridge was definitely Asteria Su. Somebody can easily find it.

It was not a surprise that they dug her up, but who were they indeed? Who else knew about her British Nationality? A figure crossed her mind suddenly.

“Now what?” Wen Jing looked at Lu Qing and said anxiously. “Nowadays, the Internet starts to curse once they hear about anyone who does not have a Chinese Nationality. This is way worse than the dirt about falsifying degree.”

Wen Jing looked careless on the outside, but she liked to browse Weibo and forums. Therefore she knew pretty well about the haters online and was able to find the key immediately.

Lu Qing darted a look at Xia Ning who was on the couch checking her Weibo and said in a low voice, “This matter is quite serious. I have informed the company to take care of it. You should have told me your nationality earlier!”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “My information now has nothing false.”

“Huh?” Lu Qing frowned. She remembered her nationality was Chinese in the profile. As her agent, she would definitely know about that.

Xia Ning looked down and said calmly, “I changed my nationality when I came back.”

Lu Qing felt slightly relieved in her heart. She asked, “You are pretty smart. So now…”

Xia Ning darted a look at her. “This can be proven by some relevant documents. I trust you can do better than me on this.”

Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning with confusion. “Even though it can be proven by those, still…”

Was she saying she did not do anything? Lu Qing was a bit speechless.

“Well, I know what to do. Oh right, when are you going back?” Lu Qing asked suddenly.

Xia Ning thought for a second. “Tomorrow.” There was Director Zeng’s movie to film.

People were still blaming Xia Ning online, but many stars came out to support Xia Ning.

LinNanV, “In my impression, Xia Ning is a very hardworking and sincere actress. I think actors and actresses are here for the shows and movies. Nationality is irrelevant. We should not have biased views against people because of their nationalities.”

ShiHaoV, “Xia Ning is the female lead for the MV of my next song. Are you trying to get more attention for my song by defaming her like this? I want to thank you all.”

LuChuanV, “Xia Ning is the most hardworking actress in the crew. I don’t know why there is so much dirt about her online. But she’s definitely a good girl. Could you please not look at her through colored lenses?”

ZhengHaodongV, “It doesn’t matter what nationality Xia Ning has. Most importantly, she is a professional actress. She’s innocent, and kind, always not wanting to explain. But I will feel sorry and sad for her! She’s not on her own, cuz she’s got me. I will support her like always! Please let this go and don’t make it hard for us!”

These words were like lightning in the sky. That night, everyone went to Zheng Haodong’s Weibo.

Some said directly, “Brother Haodong, you are so on Xia Ning’s side. Does it mean you are in a romantic relationship?”