Chapter 244: Otherwise, Don’t Blame Me For Turning Against You!

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The gossip online about Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong got bigger and bigger. Because Zheng Haodong had posted photos of them together and made their relationship public from his end.

There were photos of the two gently going through scripts on the set, as well as staring at each other under the starry sky, with a close-up of Zheng Haodong’s gaze on Xia Ning.

With the photos being released, people on the Internet confirmed that Xia Ning was Zheng Haodong’s girlfriend.

Xia Ning’s most recent Weibo was still the one supporting Shen Weiran. The fans could only comment under this.

“Lemon, are you really with Zheng Haodong now? So sad.”

“Zheng Haodong is gay and not good enough for you at all. Lemon, don’t you be fooled by him.”

“A gay with a b*tch. Two problems gone at the same time. Good for society.”

“Lemon, no matter what, I trust your choice.”

The reporters called SE to confirm, but SE denied their relationship. There was nothing after that. and Xia Ning did not respond from her end at all.

In the hotel, Zheng Haodong was sitting at the table and reading news online. His frown went away a little. Finally, his negative news went down.

He did not know who grabbed a bunch of his dirt and dug into everything. He was not able to clarify them at all. His agent happened to have taken a lot of photos for Xia Ning and him, so he took advantage of that in the hopes of using their relationship to suppress his dirt.

As to why he dared to publish it just from his end and not even worry about Xia Ning, it was because Xia Ning had negative news recently as well. If his “deep love” for her got denied now, people might hate Xia Ning even more. The team behind Xia Ning would not be that stupid.

Zheng Haodong took out his phone and saw the missed call from Xia Ning. His eyes flashed. He did something wrong to her this time by not telling her first. But his feelings for her were real.

After some silence, Zheng Haodong called back.

Xia Ning was on her way back to S City. When she got the call, she was a bit surprised.

Lu Qing saw that it was from Zheng Haodong and pushed Xia Ning to pick it up. She even wanted to pick it up for her.

Xia Ning darted a look at her and picked up the call.

It was dark outside already. Zheng Haodong stood at the window and looked at the dark sky outside. He said in a low voice, “Xia Ning, it’s me!”

In all the silence of the night, only the car’s noise could be heard. Xia Ning’s voice was very calm. “I know.”

Zheng Haodong’s eyes were dark, his voice low. “I published the relationship from my end. Sorry.”

Xia Ning heard Zheng Haodong’s voice and said calmly, “You made a decision like this without the other party’s consent. Do you know how impolite that was?”

“I gave it a lot of thought. Xia Ning, I like you! I think this is the only way to keep you by my side.” Zheng Haodong’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

Xia Ning looked outside without any change on her face. Lu Qing and Wen Jing were both looking at Xia Ning with surprise. They obviously did not expect Zheng Haodong’s sudden love confession.

Xia Ning was looking cold. After some silence, she suddenly said, “If the other party cannot accept your feelings, for her, they are just a burden. Do you understand?”

Xia Ning continued, “What I meant was, I’m not accepting your feelings. If you still want to be my friend, clarify it now. Otherwise…”

Xia Ning stopped for a second, looking cold. “Otherwise, don’t blame me for turning against you!”