Chapter 245: I’m Enoch’s Grandmother

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Zheng Haodong looked at the screen when the call was cut. He frowned slightly. This was his first time hearing such a serious voice of Xia Ning. No, it should be called cold. As if they did not know each other at all.

He felt somewhat upset. He did not understand why she did not like him.

They were a couple in the show and friends in real life. Why couldn’t they take a step further?!

Yan Dong walked in and found Zheng Haodong lost in thoughts in front of the window. He said, “Many media is onto you and Xia Ning’s gossip. There’s still dirt about you but not many will buy them.”

Zheng Haodong put away his phone and nodded to Yan Dong. “I see.”

Yan Dong darted a look at the phone in Zheng Haodong’s hand. “Were you on the phone with Xia Ning just now?”


Yan Dong remembered the girl who refused to use gossip to cover Zheng Haodong’s dirt. She was the most mysterious girl he had ever seen. Even though she was a nameless actress, it was like she had everything in control. With her help, the dirt was indeed covered.

So this time, would she agree?

To be honest, their plan was a bit outrageous. But there was no worse result so far. Maybe it would be something they could not imagine.

“What did Xia Ning say?”

Zheng Haodong threw his phone to the side and started to pack the clothes on the bed. “She did not object,” he said calmly.

Yan Dong looked at Zheng Haodong with shock. Really?!

“If so, you better treat her well. I think this Xia Ning is pretty nice,” Yan Dong turned back to normal.

Zheng Haodong nodded and did not speak.

He would, as long as she was willing to be with him.

After Xia Ning hung up, she closed her eyes and did not speak anymore. Lu Qing and Wen Jing on the side were both a bit scared by Xia Ning’s horrifying look just now. It was extremely cold.

When Xia Ning got back to the Mountain Villa, it was already midnight. Xia Ning got off and asked Wen Jing and Lu Qing to go back and rest. She walked in directly.

Zheng Ziming was already in the house. He was sitting on the couch when he heard the noise at the door. He looked up and saw Xia Ning coming in with her luggage.

He stood up immediately to welcome her. “Asteria, you’re finally back. I was so worried.”

Xia Ning put down her luggage and walked to the couch to sit down. She grabbed a bottle of water on the coffee table and opened it to drink.

Zheng Ziming turned back to see Xia Ning’s cold face and suddenly came to realize something.

“You scared me to death! I thought you really fell for that gay.” Zheng Ziming was relieved. On the other hand, he was slightly gloating in his heart. It was not a good thing to offend Asteria because she would be worse than anybody else if she got serious.

Xia Ning darted a look at him. “I believe you know better than me about what to do. Three days is enough for you to collect evidence. In three days, I will host a press conference.”

“Sure. I won’t let you down!” Zheng Ziming smiled and said.

Just at this time, Xia Ning’s phone rang.

Xia Ning picked up her phone and found it was from Enoch. She answered it immediately.

“Hello, Enoch. Why are you still awake so late?” Xia Ning said in a soft voice. “Go to bed now and Mummy will call you tomorrow okay?”

There was some silence from the other end, before a female voice sounded, “Miss Xia, hello. I’m Enoch’s grandmother.”

Xia Ning’s expression changed slightly. Her hand on the phone tightened a little. She stood up to walk to the French window and said, “Madam Qiao, it’s really late. What are you calling me for?”

The other side said something and Xia Ning answered, “Sure. See you tomorrow.” She looked at her phone and frowned a little. There was some irony in her eyes.