Chapter 247: Coffee In Her Face

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Gao Wanhua looked at the girl in front of her. She did not know why, but she felt a sense of sadness in the past from her. Her eyes looked complicated which meant she had her own stories.

“So what was in your imagination, Miss Xia, about our meeting?”

Xia Ning thought for a second and said with a smile, “Something like you throwing a check at me, asking me to leave your son.”

Gao Wanhua was obviously surprised and said, “Seems like you didn’t have a good impression of me, Miss Xia.”

Xia Ning shook her head and smiled. “Not that. It’s just that your son is too outstanding and your family is so rich. Everyone else would think I married high.”

“What about you?” Gao Wanhua was a bit surprised and realized that she said something impolite.

“Me? I don’t remember.” Xia Ning smiled and moved her hands around the coffee cup. She sighed, “It’s been a couple of years now.”

Gao Wanhua looked at Xia Ning and frowned. Her son and grandson were both on this woman’s side, but why did she still so not care about anything? She frowned. “If you came to see me a few years back, I believe I definitely would not recognize you.”

Xia Ning smiled and did not talk. Obviously, this was what she had expected.

Gao Wanhua looked at her. “I can’t say anything about the past. But now I think Miss Xia, you are not a good mother. I can’t imagine any reason for you to give up your newborn son. I can’t imagine how heartless you were to ignore him for so many years. I can’t accept that my grandson has a ruthless mum like you.”

Xia Ning moved her lips and smiled in a low voice. “Seems like you are finally talking about why you are here today, Madam Qiao. You are right. I’m not a good mother.”

Gao Wanhua stopped talking. She did not expect Xia Ning to take it like this.

Seeing the gloominess on Gao Wanhua’s face, Xia Ning continued, “Madam Qiao, you don’t have to worry. I’ve never thought about taking Enoch back.”

Gao Wanhua looked at Xia Ning and frowned a little.

Xia Ning raised the coffee cup and sipped some coffee. After some silence, she said, “There is no need for you to give me any check, Madam Qiao. Because without Enoch by my side, I’m obviously living a better life. After all, I’ll marry someday, and my future husband will not allow me to take my son from the ex-husband with me. Therefore, it should be me who should be thanking you.”

Gao Wanhua’s forever gentle face looked angry now with her gaze at Xia Ning even colder. How could she just say these words out so easily?

It was her son who she had with her for ten months before she gave birth to him.

Xia Ning curled her lips and continued, “Madam Qiao, you don’t need to worry about me getting back to your son. There’s an old saying, a good man doesn’t backtrack. No matter how rich President Qiao is, for me, he’s just the past tense. I don’t love him anymore.”

“I know you don’t want me to make contact with Enoch anymore. I promise you, I won’t show up in front of him anymore from now on.” Xia Ning stood up and looked at Gao Wanhua. “But please ask your son to refrain himself from bothering me any further.”

After some time, the person across the table was already gone.

Xia Ning was still sitting on the couch, but her hair, fac, and clothes were covered with coffee stains. The coffee in Gao Wanhua’s cup across her was already empty.

She moved her lips slightly and took out some tissue paper to clean herself up. Coffee in her face was better than a check. At least she was not looked down upon.

When Xia Ning was done cleaning and was ready to leave, someone came to sit down across her again.

Xia Ning looked up at the person and moved her lips. “I knew I’d see you here.”