Chapter 248: Who Was She After All?

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In the coffee shop, people were coming in and out. The two were sitting at the corner table again.

Xia Ning threw the tissue paper into the trash can next to her and said to the man across her with a smile, “Young Master Gao, you are really taking good care of me, your senior.”

Gao Yang frowned a little and stared at the woman who just got coffee thrown at her. He said in a low voice, “You are right. It was me who told Auntie about you. That’s why Auntie wanted to meet you.”

“In your words, I must be a vain and ruthless woman who just likes money.” Xia Ning looked at Gao Yang with a ghostly smile. “I actually wanted to thank you for clarifying my gossips before, but now I feel that that’s not needed.”

Gao Yang sneered. “You think I wanted to help you? If it were not Brother…” He stopped there and darted a look at Xia Ning without continuing.

Xia Ning twitched her eyebrows slightly. Qiao Yu? Was it Qiao Yu who asked Gao Yang to help to clarify? Ha… Why was he being so nice lately?

“I hope you will stand by what you said. Brother even put down his work for you. That should not be what he’s like,” Gao Yang looked at Xia Ning and said in a low voice. “Now that you said yourself you don’t love him anymore, just let him go.”

“Don’t make him sound so great. It’s better to say he should let me go, not me letting him go.” Xia Ning looked at Gao Yang. “As a matter of fact, I’ve been wanting to thank you. Because you make me understand the reality so that I can be free like this.”

Gao Yang looked at Xia Ning with surprise. What did she mean by he made her understand the reality?!

Xia Ning stood up and looked at Gao Yang. She continued, “Tell your brother not to waste time on me. He just needs a wife. So many ladies from good families are there for him to pick. I won’t make the same mistake again. And I won’t let myself be humiliated like this again.” When she finished the words, she took her bag and left with her head high without giving him a chance to talk.

Gao Yang looked at the vanishing back with a frown. Somehow, she seemed to mean more than her words.

In fact, at this time, he started to believe she did not want to come back to Brother. After all, Brother had tried to ask her back with his head down.

He touched his head. After all these years, Xia Ning had really changed a lot. She was not as simple as before anymore and even looked very mysterious.

As for the gossip between her and Zheng Haodong, he could not care less. If she did not want Brother, why would she ever like a man like Zheng Haodong?

Xia Ning walked out of the coffee shop and drove away directly.

She was driving to the suburb and towards the end of her trip, she was driving faster and faster. But it was as if Xia Ning did not notice at all. At this moment, all the scenes from England were playing in her head.

At that time, she had just got married to Qiao Yu. She was both worried and happy.

Happy because she married him, but also worried because she was afraid he had only married her because of the kid and was not happy about it.

But he was always very calm and did not treat her differently compared to before.

Back then, out of a woman’s selfishness, she did not want to be disliked by him. Therefore, she wanted to meet his family to understand him better and impress him.

‘Qiao Yu, are your parents coming to England?”

“They don’t like England so they won’t come.”


“Don’t worry about them. They don’t know about you, so you can just rest well with the baby.”

Yeah, he had never thought of introducing her to his parents. Even though they were married and she had his baby, that marriage was no more than just responsibility in his mind.

So what about her? A tool to have babies?!

Xia Ning did not realize the speed of the car had gotten over 90 mph. She was right at a crossing and another car across her came straight at her. She came back to herself immediately and her expression changed slightly with her hands trying to turn the wheel…