Chapter 249: The Crash

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The car across Xia Ning noticed her excessive speed and swerved at once. Xia Ning turned the wheel to the extreme, trying to avoid the other car.

Just as the two cars were about to crash, her car turned suddenly and “Bam!”

The other car missed Xia Ning’s car and drove away. But Xia Ning’s car hit the curb directly and the front part was destroyed.

Xia Ning’s forehead hit the wheel and blood came down her face.

Her eyes turned blurry and her consciousness was going away. But the similar scene with blood from years ago suddenly appeared in her head.

She opened her mouth and murmured, “Sorry, it’s mum’s fault. I’m so sorry…” Tears from her eyes blended into the blood, running like a river on her face.

An actress crashing on the highway after speeding went on the news quickly. Xia Ning was in the headlines again. But luckily, the damage was not too bad.

But the people on the Internet started to say bad things about Xia Ning again.

“I knew a British would not be following the rules in China. If so, why don’t you go back to the U.K.?”

“I just had some good feelings about her and she started to do all these again. I regret being a fan of b*tch Xia.”

“Luckily there was not too much damage. Otherwise, she should be thrown into jail to learn her lesson.”

Someone suspected Xia Ning was drunk driving. SE Entertainment clarified at once and said they would explain the details later.

Zheng Haodong’s team sent out a PR announcement immediately and said Zheng Haodong was really worried about Xia Ning getting hurt and had already been to the hospital to visit her.

In the hospital, Xia Ning got checked up and only had a slight concussion. Her forehead was broken but not too serious.

Lu Qing was all nervous and asked the doctor a couple of times if it would leave a scar.

Xia Ning was lying in bed with her eyes wide open. She did not talk and no one knew what was on her mind.

Zheng Ziming looked at her with blame. “You better be careful when you are driving. I’ve told you earlier that you should get a chauffeur but you wouldn’t listen. What should we do if you were actually hurt badly? How old are you to be this reckless…”

“I met Qiao Yu’s mum today.”

Zheng Ziming was caught by surprise. He looked at Xia Ning and said with a frown, “Why would she see you?”

When Asteria and Qiao Yu got married back then, the Qiao family did not really care about her. Now they were divorced so why would Qiao Yu’s mother want to see Asteria?

Suddenly, he thought of something. He said with a frown, “Did the Qiao family do something to cause the accident?” He looked angry immediately. “What the heck are they doing? Do they think we are outnumbered?”

“You are mistaken. She just wanted to see me. That was it,” Xia Ning closed her eyes and said in a low voice. “It’s just that a lot of things came to me today and I got distracted. Therefore, I crashed the car. It had nothing to do with her.”

Zheng Ziming heard and frowned slightly. “No matter what, I will not let the Qiao family hurt you again. Otherwise, I will just destroy them.”

Xia Ning did not continue but she changed topics. “Today’s accident made me remember what happened three or four years ago. It was the same situation. Because of the same thing, I made the biggest mistake of my life.” She moved her lips but her expression was sad and painful.

Zheng Ziming heard her and shivered a little. He saw Xia Ning’s sad face and knew instantly what she was talking about.

Three years ago, before she gave birth, Asteria was in a car accident. That accident woke the girl up from the most beautiful dream. She came to understand the reality but she lost her most important thing.

That was something she would never be able to overcome in her heart.

“Asteria, don’t be too sad!” Zheng Ziming held Xia Ning’s hand and said in a low voice. “It’s all in the past.”

Xia Ning closed her eyes and did not speak.

Zheng Ziming was about to comfort her more but he heard some noise outside. Zheng Haodong’s voice was the worst and then the sound of flashes.

His face changed suddenly and he stood up immediately. F*ck, that jerk, Zheng Haodong brought the reporters here. Did he think it was too quiet here?