Chapter 250: Zheng Haodong’s Visit

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Outside the room, a bunch of reporters was around Zheng Haodong, asking about the details of Xia Ning’s accident.

“Haodong, some said Xia Ning was drunk driving. Is that true?”

“It was said that because you revealed your relationship with her, she was in a bad mood. She decided to race and that was when she lost control and crashed her car.”

“Haodong, you chose this time to publicize your relationship with Xia Ning. It can’t be that you two are getting married soon.”

The reporters were asking this and that. Zheng Haodong explained, “Xia Ning was not drunk driving. She is very self-disciplined and doesn’t even drink much, not to mention drinking in the day. Anyone who is close to her would know. On the other hand, about publicizing our relationship, she was indeed a bit moody to me. Because it was me who decided to publicize it. After all, she is so outstanding so I can’t let others have their eyes on her. I have to put a label on her quickly.”

“This is the first time I hear you admit you have feelings for someone, Brother Haodong. You and Xia Ning look great together and the Internet is on your side.”

“Is Xia Ning also the muse for the love element in your new album?”

“Is Xia Ning attending the press conference for your new album?”

As they were talking loudly and making a fuss outside, the door suddenly opened.

“Are you f*cking done? This is a hospital, not a farmers’ market. Get the f*ck out of here.”

All the reporters including Zheng Haodong were shocked. They turned to the door and saw Zheng Ziming standing there with anger on his face.

After a brief silence, the reporters ran to the front suddenly and asked, “Young Master Zheng, why are you here? What kind of relationship do you have with Xia Ning?”

“How bad is Xia Ning hurt?”

“Young Master Zheng…”

Just as the reporters were throwing questions at Zheng Ziming, he shouted out loud, “What does my relationship with Xia Ning have to do with you? F*ck off. If you don’t leave now, I will destroy you all!”

The reporters’ faces changed. They’ve never seen such a difficult man to communicate with. But this would mean he had a special relationship with Xia Ning.

Just as this time, a few bodyguards in black came.

They came up and started to drive the reporters out. The reporters were all upset and yelling. They did not want to leave.

Zheng Ziming took out his phone and started to take photos. He then said to a bodyguard next to him, “Send this to the tabloids at SE. The news tomorrow will be these reporters trying to dig news without considering the injured. They blew the hospital up, showing no professionalism.”

Reporters: “…”

They had never seen someone like this, threatening the reporters! Also, why was this somewhat similar to what Xia Ning would do?

The reporters left finally. Seeing Zheng Haodong who was still standing there, Zheng Ziming sneered. He turned around and wanted to open the door to get in.

Zheng Haodong saw Zheng Ziming’s back and said in a low voice, “Your attitude today will push Xia Ning to the front.”

Zheng Ziming stopped his steps and suddenly turned around to punch Zheng Haodong in the face. “Who the f*ck pushed her to the front?!”

Zheng Haodong stepped back and looked at Zheng Ziming with his hands on the face. “I was helping her.”

Zheng Ziming was so upset that he laughed. Doing publicity stunts using her name and saying he was helping her. He had never seen such a shameless man.

“Ziming, let him in.” Xia Ning voice came from the room suddenly.