Chapter 251: Don’t Treat Me Like A Psychiatric Patient

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In the room, Xia Ning was sitting on the bed looking at the door. The noise outside quieted down.

The door was pushed open. Too bad the person who came in was not Zheng Haodong but Zheng Ziming.

Zheng Ziming walked inside and shut the door with an angry face.

Xia Ning saw him and asked, “What happened?” She darted a look at the shut door. So this meant Zheng Haodong was gone.

“That Zheng Haodong is not a f*cking human being!” Zheng Ziming said with anger.

Xia Ning heard that and frowned slightly. “What happened?”

“He brought the reporters here. And just now he heard you wanted to see him and left directly. He said he had something going on. The f*ck. He wanted to leave right after the publicity stunt all along.” Zheng Ziming pulled a chair to sit next to the bed with an angry face.

Xia Ning heard him and did not talk.

Zheng Ziming saw this and continued, “Had I known he is like this, I’d reveal all his dirt back then. I can’t believe you helped him before. I’ve never seen such an ungrateful person!”

“Well, don’t be too mad. Go get the paperwork done for me to get out of here.” Xia Ning took off the comforter and got out of the bed.

Zheng Ziming stood up and saw Xia Ning starting to pack. He frowned and said, “You hurt your head. It can be good or bad. It’s better to stay in the hospital for a bit longer.”

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Ziming. “When you say I hurt my head, are you talking about physically or psychologically?”

Zheng Ziming heard her and was surprised. His face looked a bit awkward. He turned his head and looked elsewhere!

“Ziming, don’t treat me like a psychiatric patient. I’ve recovered.” Xia Ning stared at Zheng Ziming. “My mind is clearer than ever. I know exactly what I’m doing!”

Zheng Ziming frowned a little and saw the coldness on Xia Ning’s face. His heart hurt a bit. She was indeed injured, otherwise, why would she become such a cold person? She should be full of sunshine and warmth.

“I know. I won’t talk to Doctor Edward.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Leave me now. I need to get changed.”

Zheng Ziming walked out and looked at the empty hallway with dimmed eyes.

Xia Ning got out of the hospital the next day after the accident. Soon, someone reported that during Xia Ning’s injury, Zheng Ziming was in the hospital the whole time accompanying her. Others started to tell gossips between Xia Ning and Zheng Ziming.

Together with the gossip with Zheng Ziming before, the Internet started to blame Xia Ning for having a foot in both camps.

“She was indeed a b*tch, a two-timer.”

“I feel sorry for Brother Haodong, falling for a woman like this.”

“So Xia Ning has been with the young master of SE way earlier. I was wondering why her acting career was so smooth.”

“B*tch Xia get out of the entertainment circle and go back to England. Don’t come out to hurt people anymore.”

These days, there were so many negative comments under Xia Ning’s Weibo. She got some blame from President Zheng first in the company and had to get ready for PR. She was kind of in hot water.

It was mainly because Zheng Ziming and Xia Ning’s positions were so special. He was the young master of SE and she was an actress at SE. Even a little involvement could be exaggerated to hidden rules.

At night, Xia Ning declined Zheng Ziming’s help to get her home and called a cab to go back to Mountain Villa.

When she got off the car and started to walk towards the house a girl rushed at her with a sharp knife.

Xia Ning was surprised and stepped back unconsciously. She fell on to the ground accidentally and when she looked up, she saw the girl was about to stab her.

“B*tch Xia, I’ll kill you. Don’t you dare get close to Brother Haodong.”