Chapter 252: I Think I’m Really In Love With You

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Seeing the knife approaching her, Xia Ning was a bit shocked. She reached out and grabbed the girl’s hand. But the knife was still less than two inches away from her throat.

“B*tch Xia, I’ll kill you! Kill you!” The girl looked at Xia Ning with a ferocious face and pushed harder on her arm.

Xia Ning’s arm was a bit sore. After all, she was on the bottom.

Just at that time, some light shone this way. The girl’s eyes were blinded for a second and her strength was weakened suddenly. Xia Ning pushed the girl away immediately and got up to run to the back.

“B*tch Xia, don’t go!” The girl covered her eyes with her hands for a moment. When she finally adjusted to the light, she realized Xia Ning was gone. She chased after her immediately.

Xia Ning used all her strength to run forward. She saw the car stopping in front with the headlight on and shouted out loud, “Help!”

The car door was opened and a person walked out.

“Could you please call the police for me? Thank you!” Xia Ning walked up and said directly. It was very dark and he was in the backlight so she did not see clearly who that was at all.

A pair of big hands grabbed her arm and with a bit of strength, she was already behind that person’s back.

The female fan walked up and saw a tall figure. She could feel the coldness from him. Seeing the car next to them, she felt something was off. She threw away her knife and ran away.

Xia Ning saw the tall figure in front of her and felt that it was somewhat familiar. She then saw the car on the side… A black Bentley.

“It’s fine now.” A man’s deep voice came.

Xia Ning’s entire body was shocked. She stepped back. Why was it him?!

Qiao Yu looked back at Xia Ning and frowned. “Why did you come back by yourself? It’s nice here but not many people are around. It’s better to have someone get you home from now on.”

Xia Ning twitched her eyebrows. “What are you here for?”

“What’s going on between you and that Zheng Haodong?” Qiao Yu asked directly.

So he was here for the gossips. Xia Ning sneered. “What does it have to do with you? Even if the gossip is true, it would be something I want.”

Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning calmly. “Just gossips. I won’t even believe them.”

“So why did you come here to ask me? So random!” Xia Ning sneered. Did he have nothing better to do? Plus, she did not care whether he believed or not.

“Because I realized that I care about you more than I think. Therefore, I believe you!” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning with extremely gentle eyes.

Xia Ning frowned slightly. Qiao Yu sounded much softer today than before. It felt weird.

“Thank you for your trust, but it means nothing! I stand by what I said before. Let’s not see each other anymore. Thank you for today and goodbye.” When Xia Ning was done, she was ready to turn around and leave.

But the tall figure would not let her go. He blocked in front of her directly. “Xia Ning, hear me out!”

Xia Ning looked at him and her eyes were not pleasant. “We’ve said everything. We have nothing to talk about.”

A warm hand reached out to her forehead and touching the gauze on her forehead. The forever cold voice sounded a little warm today. “When I see your scandals with others, I get jealous. When I see you hurt, my heart hurts. When I’m not with you, the thought of you takes away my sleep. If this is not love, then I think I will never understand love in my life. I’m pretty sure that I’m really in love with you.”