Chapter 255: Why Did You Hide The Fact That You Married Her From Us?

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Why did he only let his mother know now? Qiao Yu stared at Gao Wanhua and wanted to say something. But at this moment he found himself speechless.

Gao Wanhua continued, “I don’t understand you young people’s thoughts but I can infer from your attitude that you don’t like her.”

Qiao Yu looked at his mother in shock. Why did she have this kind of idea?

“Since you dislike her and she really doesn’t put Enoch in her heart, I find it no need for her to show up in front of you,” Gao Wanhua said suddenly.

Qiao Yu interrupted Gao Wanhua immediately, “I don’t dislike her.”

“So why did you hide the fact that you married her from us?” Gao Wanhua asked.

Qiao Yu looked at his mother and could not think of anything to say. Why did he hide it? It was because… because they were having a baby. Therefore…

“You’ve never asked me for anything since you were a kid, even when you were at school abroad. But relationships is something I want you to think clearly about. Do you really like her? Also, does she like you?”

Qiao Yu glanced at Gao Wanhua’s vanishing back and frowned deeply. He wanted to say very much that he liked Xia Ning. But at that moment, somehow he could not say it out loud.

Gao Wanhua returned to the table and continued to put food in Enoch’s bowl. The grandma and the grandson were so happy together.

After some time, Gao Wanhua looked up to the direction where Qiao Yu was standing. Qiao Yu stood by the French window and no one knew what was going on in his mind.

Gao Wanhua frowned a little. In fact, she should hate Xia Ning a lot. But that day when she left, she thought about a lot of things and finally realized there were so many weird things in her son’s marriage with Xia Ning.

Why would a gold-digger leave without asking for anything? Why would such a proud person as her son chase after an imposed woman? Had Xia Ning been a heartless woman, her grandson would not have liked her so much, talking about her all the time.

These days, she went over a lot of Xia Ning’s dirt from before and the more she read, the angrier she got. She was obviously an honest and outright girl but people kept throwing dirt at her.

And Xia Ning’s calm way of handling these surprised her as well. This girl had her own thoughts and wisdom.

She knew her son well. He was never a man good with emotions. If he did not like her, he should not waste any more of her time. If he did, he should ask her back. In fact, she did not want her grandson to grow up without his mother either.

“Grandma, why is Daddy not coming for dinner?” Enoch looked at Gao Wanhua and asked suddenly.

Gao Wanhua touched Enoch’s head and said with a smile, “You dad had dinner already. You should eat fast and when you are done, you could ask him to play with you.”

Enoch nodded at once. “Great, great. I’d love to play with Daddy.” After some thinking, he continued, “If Mummy is here, that will be better.”

Gao Wanhua smiled but some thoughts flew over her eyes.

In SE Entertainment, the media conference was ready.

Over the previous couple of days, the Internet was saying Xia Ning had a foot in both camps. She was playing hidden rules with the young master Zheng Ziming at SE. Therefore, Zheng Haodong was the victim in all these.

The people on the Internet started to criticize Xia Ning like crazy and some anti-fans even sent her blades directly.

Later, there were gossips about Zheng Haodong’s fan committing a crime directly because she was not happy with Xia Ning having a foot in both camps. She wanted to murder Xia Ning and was already arrested with jail life in front of her.

Xia Ning became a frequent name on the hot search list.

In the SE conference room, Xia Ning was standing next to the table and someone was putting makeup on her.

Zheng Ziming pushed the door open and said to Xia Ning, “It’s time. The reporters are here and they are waiting for you, the star of the show.”

Xia Ning tilted her head to look at him. “Sure!” She nodded.