Chapter 256: I’m A Clean FreakTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee TranslationsZheng Ziming and Xia Ning showed up together at the media conference. Numerous flashes would hurt people’s eyes.

The reporters down there saw Xia Ning sitting down and were getting excited.

It was still Zheng Ziming who started talking. “Please quiet down first. I know everyone has a lot of questions. Today, we will answer them here one by one.”

Xia Ning looked at the reporters with a calm face.

Some reporter stood up and asked directly, “Xia Ning, someone took photos of you being with Young Master Zheng when you were injured. Are you in a romantic relationship?”

Xia Ning looked back at him and answered, “No.”

Zheng Ziming followed with a smile, “I can’t be Xia Ning’s boyfriend.”

The reporter asked, “So what kind of relationship do you have?”

Zheng Ziming was ready to answer, but Xia Ning cut in front of him, “You all know that I graduated at Cambridge in the United Kingdom. But Ziming also graduated from there. When you hear this, you should know that we are from the same school. Yes, we are not just school mates but also in the same major. As for hidden rules, that’s nonsense.”

Zheng Ziming looked to Xia Ning and said speechlessly, “Don’t diss me like this… We’ve been friends for so many years.”

Xia Ning laughed, “I don’t dislike you. It’s you who dislikes me. After all, I’m not one of those curvy beauties.”

The second the words were out, the reporters down there started to laugh as well. Young Master Zheng’s taste was well-known. After all, many of his gossips were from them.

Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning wordlessly. “How dare I use hidden rules against you? You have more shares at SE than me. You are richer than me.”

Xia Ning looked at him and said, “So now you are revealing my wealth?”

“I don’t dare, Boss Xia,” Zheng Ziming joked.

Xia Ning smiled and did not talk.

But the reporters down there were all frozen. Did they hear this wrong? Xia Ning held shares at SE?! And she had more shares than Young Master Zheng?! Was she this rich?

“Hearing Young Master Zheng’s words, Xia Ning holds a big position at SE?” some reporter asked immediately.

No one spoke, awaiting Zheng Ziming’s answer.

Zheng Ziming smiled and said, “She’s not just an actress at SE, but she is also the second-biggest shareholder of SE. As for the shares, this is her private matter and I won’t reveal more. And I hope you won’t pay too much attention to it.”

His words blocked more questions from the reporters.

After some thought, the reporters decided to move onto the next topic.

“So are Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong a couple?”

Zheng Ziming glanced at the reporter and asked back, “Xia Ning’s rich and good-looking. So which point do you think she will like about Zheng Ziming?”

“Er…” The reporter did not expect Zheng Ziming to talk like this.

“But Zheng Haodong has already admitted his relationship with you, Xia Ning.” The reporter looked back to Xia Ning. “So what you are saying is this is all just a publicity stunt from Zheng Haodong?”

Zheng Ziming wanted to speak but Xia Ning was ahead of him again.

“I don’t know what was on Mr. Zheng Haodong’s mind, but I am really not in any kind of relationship with him. It’s just colleagues’ friendship between us since we were in the same show. Those photos you took on the set, they don’t really mean anything. As for the dating photos, I forgot to tell you that there were others with us on that day. It’s just whoever was taking the photos somehow ignored the others. Also, I’m a clean freak.”

The reporters looked at Xia Ning and could not really follow the last sentence of hers. But she looked very cold and did not look like she wanted to explain.

Zheng Ziming stared at the reporters and said, “Our Xia Ning is such an outstanding girl. She doesn’t even like me so do you think she will like Zheng Haodong? Do you think Zheng Haodong is more handsome than me? In fact, some words should not come from us. After all, it would negatively impact Zheng Haodong. But I trust you guys have already found something. If you don’t mind, please dig more deeply.”

Some reporters understood Zheng Ziming at once. “What Young Master Zheng is saying is, Zheng Haodong is really under the wing of some fuerdai?”