Chapter 258: Xia Ning’s Cruelty

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After Xia Ning’s words at the press conference were published, her gossips with Zheng Ziming were ended first.

The Internet was totally buying it.

“Young Master Zheng has tons of gossips. I don’t think Xia Ning will like that.”

“Did not expect our Lemon to be so rich as to be the second-largest shareholder at SE. If it was not for her father’s last name Su, I would suspect she was the bastard daughter of the President of SE, and Young Master Zheng was just adopted.”

“Now if someone says Xia Ning has great resources, I’m convinced. If she has a big share of the company, wouldn’t it be normal to take the good resources? Plus, she really does have good acting skills.”

“I feel like Xia Ning’s not just a little rich.”

On the other side, the dirt of Zheng Haodong was all over the Internet and became headlines on every website. No one would believe someone was not behind this trying to take him down.

But this time, no one was willing to help him.

Because these videos were more than R rated, all of which was about what he did to please the men behind him. In some videos, there were even multiple people. His personal life was very bad.

Many were guessing Xia Ning asked someone to release this because Zheng Haodong had offended Xia Ning the most.

But some were questioning that even though Xia Ning held shares at SE, she should probably not be so daring. After all, those involved with Zheng Haodong were all from good families. To reveal them required more than just courage.

But surprisingly, Song Chenfeng was on the list as well. He was the biggest supporter of Zheng Haodong.

So this young master from the Song family broke everyone’s expectations again. He was playing with male stars, not to mention those actresses.

Donglong Entertainment was getting so many calls, but no one would say a word for Zheng Haodong.

Zheng Haodong also turned his phone off. He probably did not expect those photos from his earlier life to be exposed as well.

In the hotel room, Zheng Haodong was sitting on the couch and looking calm. When he started this without Xia Ning’s consent he should have guessed this result. Xia Ning was way crueler than he had imagined.

He just could not understand why she forgave Lu Chuan so easily back then and would not just forgive him. He was really into her so why was she not taking it?

Yan Dong was making calls everywhere trying to cover the dirt. But people he knew were saying there was nothing they could do. Most of them were not even answering his calls.

Yan Dong stared at Zheng Haodong and looked somewhat defeated. “What should we do?”

Zheng Haodong looked back at him. “Let it go. It’s no use.”

“Are you willing to see your career destroyed like this?” Yan Dong said with anger. “You’ve been working so hard. You…”

“No matter how hard I’ve worked, I climbed up using hidden rules. Everyone would look down on me,” Zheng Haodong said calmly. “This time, I overestimated my place in Xia Ning’s heart.”

Yan Dong heard this and felt a bit annoyed too. “What’s wrong with this Xia Ning? Didn’t we just involve her a little in the gossip? What’s the big deal? Aren’t all the stars getting famous with publicity stunts?”

Zheng Haodong darted a look at Yan Dong. He almost thought so as well. Now that he thought about it, the words she said to him that night were already a warning.

She said for a man she did not like, even if that man put his heart in front of her, she would not take a look. Eventually, he would even be her enemy.

She really pushed everything to the extreme ruthlessly.

In the CEO’s office on the 28th floor of the Shengshi building, Qiao Yu saw the comments on the Internet and made a call to Chen Hong directly. “Remember, it’s Shengshi Group who’s taking Zheng Haodong down. It has nothing to do with Xia Ning.”