Chapter 259: Sounds Familiar

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In the CEO’s office, Qiao Yu just finished the call and the door was pushed open.

Mu Zichen walked in and saw Qiao Yu’s gloomy face. He said in a smile at once, “Cheer up. You really took revenge for your wife. She must be thanking you in her heart. Maybe you will get back together very soon.” He walked to the desk and sat down.

Qiao Yu darted a look at him and frowned slightly. “Why are you here?”

“Well, I was just worried you can’t get what you want and came to help you out.” Mu Zichen looked at Qiao Yu with disdain. “So you’ve been after her for so long and still cannot get close to her. I’ve never seen someone so useless.”

Qiao Yu stared at Mu Zichen coldly. “Get out!”

“Huh, not happy again. So did I say anything wrong?” Mu Zichen would not leave. He looked at Qiao Yu and was speechless. “If you are so good, why can’t you get her back? Why are you just venting on us?”

“If I were you, I’d tell her my feelings now!” Mu Zichen continued.

Qiao Yu frowned. Remembering her refusal the other night, he said quietly, “She refused me.”

“It’s normal that she refused you. If you stop now just because she turned you down, people will start to doubt your motive.” Mu Zichen was more speechless.

Qiao Yu darted a look at him. “It’s not like that!” He could feel what Xia Ning meant. She really did not want to accept him.

Mu Zichen heard that and did not speak. Sometimes, the one in the game knew more clearly than the outsiders.

“Oh right, your ex-wife is in a lot of news lately. Seems like she admitted her last name is Su. I think that sounds familiar,” Mu Zichen said suddenly.

Qiao Yu darted a look at him. “How?”

“Oh, Su’s a Chinese last name. I forgot that she is Chinese and just changed her nationality,” Mu Zichen said as if he realized something.

Qiao Yu: “…”

Mu Zichen stopped joking around and continued, “It looks like your ex-wife is rich. She’s the second-biggest shareholder at SE and allegedly Movie Queen Shen’s niece. Her identity does not seem that simple.”

“Now you know!” Qiao Yu darted a look at him and said coldly.

However, as to Xia Ning’s identity, he had his own thoughts around that.

Mu Zichen moved his lips. “This is the instinct of a man, okay? I think I smell a big show of rich families. I believe you are almost done with your research.”

Qiao Yu’s face was cold and he did not speak.

Just at this time, Qiao Yu’s phone rang.

It was from Gao Yang.

Qiao Yu picked up and looked icy. “Her mess has nothing to do with me. She should take responsibility for her own mistake.” As he spoke, he hung up.

Mu Zichen glanced at the phone Qiao Yu threw to the desk and asked, “Must be that daughter of the Shen family. Isn’t the Shen family so good? Why would they need you? And they even went to Gao Yang. It can’t be that…”

Qiao Yu darted a look at him and returned to the desk to sit down.

Mu Zichen twitched his mouth and admired him deeply in his heart. Well done. That was very selfless. He did not care about his own cousin and had to seek justice for his ex-wife.

“But don’t you think someone else was involved in this? I have a feeling that your cousin is not clever enough to make up dirt for your ex-wife,” Mu Zichen said suddenly.

Qiao Yu did not talk and opened the document on the desk titled, ‘Acquisition Plan For The Jiang Group’.