Chapter 260: So Full Of Yourself

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Mu Zichen darted a look at the document in Qiao Yu’s hand and said suddenly, “Seems like you know who’s behind this.” As he spoke, he could not help but sigh. “Something was definitely wrong with you back then that you were planning to get engaged with that Jiang woman.”

Qiao Yu looked up suddenly at Mu Zichen. “I was not getting engaged with her!”

Mu Zichen raised his eyebrows. “But others didn’t think so.”

Qiao Yu frowned slightly and remembered Xia Ning’s words. He had a wife but went to get engaged with someone else!

He felt wronged because even if he was not into Xia Ning back then, he would not use this to humiliate her and humiliate himself.

If he thought closely, a lot of things happened back then.

“If I were Xia Ning, I wouldn’t want to forgive you,” Mu Zichen said suddenly.

Qiao Yu looked at Mu Zichen. “How so?”

Mu Zichen saw Qiao Yu’s calm face full of willingness to learn, he could not help but say to himself, this cold man finally met his nemesis.

“If you just started to realize that you are falling for her and wanted her back, any woman with a brain would not accept you. Because you are so full of yourself. When you did not like her, you abandoned her and when you did, you went after her. What do you think she is? If you fell for her back then, yet you still divorced her and took her kid, that further means that you are a heartless man and you don’t know what love is. Therefore, if she goes back to someone like you, there’s a 50% chance that she will still live a difficult life. So she won’t accept you.”

Qiao Yu frowned slightly and looked at Mu Zichen to ask, “Is that why she did not trust me?”

Mu Zichen looked at him and said in a low voice, “You missed your best shot. Do not doubt that a woman can be ruthless, because a woman holds more grudges than men. The pain you’ve given her, she might not talk about, but she will absolutely keep it deep down in her heart. It will be difficult for you to move her.”

Qiao Yu remembered Xia Ning’s mercilessness and the despair of the past in her eyes. Somehow, he felt there was something he was not aware of in that past.

“Go to the U.K. and help me find something,” Qiao Yu said to Mu Zichen suddenly.

Mu Zichen took a look at Qiao Yu. “What?”

Qiao Yu frowned a little. “When I divorced Xia Ning back then, I did not see her until last year when she suddenly came back and went into the show business. That was when I finally found her.”

Mu Zichen looked surprised. “If that’s the case, when you were divorced, you actually wanted to find her?”

Qiao Yu looked at Mu Zichen and did not talk.

Mu Zichen continued, “So can I take this as you actually did not really want this divorce?”

Qiao Yu still did not speak.

Mu Zichen looked at him and understood everything. He blurted out, “So I understand now, divorcing her was not what you wanted back then. But you still divorced her anyway and took the baby. And when you went to look for her, you were not able to find her. When she showed up again it was already after two or three years. In the beginning, you were mad at her for leaving so you did not try to see her. But later, you realized she did not care about you at all and had never thought about contacting you. Therefore, you had to go out and go after her yourself.”

Qiao Yu closed the folder and his silence was more like a confirmation.

Mu Zichen took a quick breath. “As your dear friend, I want to say this. You are such a f*cking jerk. She went through all the pain and gave birth to your son, yet you took him away from her without a word. You liked her but you would not admit it and had to make her come for you. To be honest, if it were not for your good looks and wealth, do you really think any girl would like a guy with such a bad temper like you? Don’t take your ex-wife as just some girl. Her background looks very good as well. Are you really thinking that a woman like her would want to go back to a proven nightmare?!”