Chapter 262: I Want Only Her

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In the Qiao House, it was already nighttime. The house was decorated with balloons and red flowers.

In the living room, Enoch was looking at the birthday cake on the table with a very happy face.

Gao Wanhua was next to him and putting down utensils for Enoch.

Qiao Yu was standing by the French window, trying to get in contact with Xia Ning.

Last time, Xia Ning broke the SIM card and he could not get a hold of her at all.

Now he could only contact her agent.

The call went through and Qiao Yu said directly, “Hello, could you tell me if Xia Ning’s there?”

“She went out of the country? When was that?” Qiao Yu frowned slightly.

The other side said something and Qiao Yu hung up.

Enoch saw Qiao Yu hanging up the call and asked immediately, “Daddy, when is Mummy coming over?”

Gao Wanhua looked at her son as well. Ever since Xia Ning cleared the gossips, she had no grudge against her anymore.

Many signs were showing that she was not a vain girl. And from Gao Yang’s words, she liked Qiao Yu a lot back then.

If her son and grandson both liked her, she could try to accept her as well.

Qiao Yu looked back at his son who was expecting a lot and said in a low voice, “Your mum is busy with work. She said she will celebrate your birthday next time.”

The smile on Enoch’s face went away immediately. He pouted his mouth and muttered, “Okay.” But the next second, he started to cry out loud.

“Mummy is a liar. She said she will be with me. She does not like me and only likes work. Wa…” Enoch sat in the chair and cried with his head up.

Gao Wanhua saw this and said immediately, “You mum likes you and she will come back soon.”

“No, no. Daddy says that all the time but Mummy does not come back. Wa, Daddy is a liar too. A liar.” Enoch suddenly jumped off the chair and started to run upstairs.

Gao Wanhua went after him at once. “Enoch, be careful. Don’t trip.”

Qiao Yu stood still. Seeing Enoch being comforted by Gao Wanhua, he felt empty in his heart, something he had never felt before.

Without her by his side for so many years, he had never had this feeling.

But the second she showed up, the feeling followed as well. As if the world would not matter if he did not have her.

Gao Wanhua turned around and looked at Qiao Yu, “What is his mum doing for work? Is it that important?” At this time, she was annoyed in her heart as well. The previous good feelings for Xia Ning were gone completely because of her heartlessness.

Qiao Yu stared at his mother’s unpleasant face and did not speak.

How could he say that Xia Ning was determined to not care about him or her son?

Enoch fell asleep from the tiredness of crying. Gao Wanhua took him back to his room and was ready to get out when she saw Qiao Yu standing at the doorway.

Gao Wanhua darted a look at him and said with a frown, “Enoch’s asleep.”

Qiao Yu nodded and walked out.

Gao Wanhua closed the door and followed him. “Why is his mum not coming?”

“She’s not in the country,” Qiao Yu said quietly. “I don’t have her contact info. She doesn’t want to see us.”

Gao Wanhua stood still suddenly and looked at Qiao Yu. “What did you do to her?”

Qiao Yu stopped breathing for a second. His mother did not know anything yet she judged that he was in the wrong simply based on Xia Ning’s attitude.

“She seems to have misunderstood me and Jiang Xinyi’s engagement,” Qiao Yu said suddenly. “She thought I was married to her and still wanted to get engaged with another person!”

Gao Wanhua heard that and her expression changed. She thought closely for a moment. It was about four years ago and that engagement was the Old Master’s idea. So…

“Did you try to explain to her?” Gao Wanhua asked.


Gao Wanhua saw her son’s hesitation and remembered that he did not even bring his wife back to meet the seniors in the family. She understood everything. If she were that girl, she would probably not forgive him either.

“After you consumed all her feelings for you, you will have to bear the pain of losing her.” Gao Wanhua sighed. “It is what it is. She has her life and doesn’t want to be in contact with you. This means she’s given up on you. This is a compromise for her. If you really like her even a little like you are saying, you better let her go.”

Let her go?! Qiao Yu’s hand turned into a fist at once and his heart was in pain suddenly. He had been alive for 28 years and finally understood his feelings for a woman. Now they wanted him to let her go. How would he be able to do that?!

“Mother, I want only her!” Qiao Yu turned around to his mother and said with utmost certainty.