Chapter 264: Mr. Shen You Are Really Nice To Me

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Looking at the empty hallway, the anger in Xia Ning’s heart went down slowly over a long time.

She turned around and darted a look at the cross in front of her. Su Jingcheng’s appearance had destroyed her mood to even pray.

After some silence, Xia Ning turned around and walked out of the cathedral.

Outside the cathedral, Su Jingcheng’s car was already gone. Xia Ning was not planning to leave immediately but to walk around.

As she walked to the pedestrian zone nearby, she ran into Shen Tianlang again.

“Miss Xia, such a coincidence.” Shen Tianlang walked up to say hi.

Xia Ning took a look at Shen Tianlang and nodded. “Mr. Shen.”

Shen Tianlang looked around and then up at the sky. “It’s so hot today. Let’s go somewhere and grab a drink. On me,” Shen Tianlang said.

Xia Ning looked at Shen Tianlang and said calmly, “Mr. Shen, you are really nice to me.”

The moment these words came out, Shen Tianlang’s face looked somewhat awkward.

“Miss Xia, please don’t be mistaken. I…”

Xia Ning walked ahead. “Let’s go. I’m thirsty.”

Shen Tianlang looked at the slender girl in front of him and was caught by surprise. He then smiled and followed.

They found a coffee shop and each ordered a cup of coffee.

“Miss Xia, you seem to know London well.” Shen Tianlang started to look for topics. Because of Xia Ning’s coldness, he forgot all the things he had in mind.

Xia Ning looked at him and said with a smile, “Mr. Shen, did you not follow the news? I grew up in England so it’s normal that I know London well.”

Shen Tianlang smiled awkwardly. “My ignorance.”

Xia Ning looked at Shen Tianlang. “Does the Shen family have business in the U.K.?”

Shen Tianlang heard that and smiled, “Yes, I want to explore the U.K. market lately and have a couple of important meetings here.” He darted a look at Xia Ning. “But I’m not quite familiar with London. Miss Xia, do you mind being my guide?”

“I do mind,” Xia Ning said coldly. She picked up the cup and sipped some coffee.

Shen Tianlang got more awkward. He did not expect Xia Ning to refuse so strongly. He smiled and took a sip of his coffee as well.

The two went into a brief silence and the air was a bit stuffy.

Shen Tianlang looked up at Xia Ning secretively. She was looking somewhere else and he followed her gaze.

He happened to see the nearby playground where a few kids were playing.

Shen Tianlang said subconsciously, “Do you like kids a lot?” When the words went out, he was a bit surprised himself.

Xia Ning looked back at Shen Tianlang. “Do you think I don’t like kids?”

Shen Tianlang rushed to say, “No, no. I was just saying.” In fact, he did have the feeling that a girl like Xia Ning looked very aloft, cold, and unapproachable. Normally, they did not receive kids’ affection, so naturally, they would not like kids.

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows and did not speak.

The atmosphere became even more awkward between the two. Once they were done with coffee, Shen Tianlang took a look at the time and wanted to get Xia Ning dinner.

Xia Ning refused. “Mr. Shen, aren’t you afraid of all my gossips? Lately, there are a lot of people who want to dig up my dirt.”

Shen Tianlang did not expect Xia Ning to be so straightforward. He said immediately, “Miss Xia, you are over concerned.”

Xia Ning smiled and looked at Shen Tianlang. “To be honest, in the Shen family, you are the only one I don’t hate. I hope you do well with your work and goodbye.”

Shen Tianlang heard this and looked at Xia Ning with surprise. But she already turned around and walked ahead.

Just when he wanted to walk up and ask her, a car stopped next to Xia Ning. She jumped in and the car drove away.

Shen Tianlang gazed into the direction where the car left and cried out suddenly. “Xiao Ke!”

The car drove by him and the window was rolled up as if the person inside did not hear his cry at all.