Chapter 265: He’s Not A Bad Guy

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In the car, Xia Ning heard Shen Tianlang’s voice and laid back in the seat. She curled her lips. He actually remembered her!

She closed her eyes slightly and many memories flooded into her head.

In the alley, inside a dilapidated house, the quilt on the bed was almost moldy.

A young woman with a pale face was lying in the bed, coughing aggressively.

A skinny girl next to her was holding a bowl of porridge and looking at her. “Mom, have some porridge.”

The young woman tilted her head and looked at the little girl, her face somewhat concerned. She reached out her skinny hand and touched the girl’s forehead. “Xiao Ke, Mum is not hungry. You should eat.”

“Mom, I had something at Grandma Wang’s. You should eat now. You haven’t been eating much for days.” The little girl looked at her mother, her little face full of concerns.

The young woman saw her daughter’s skinny face and said with regret, “Xiao Ke, I’m so sorry. I let you down. When I recover, I will go out and make money to buy good food for you.”

“Mummy, I don’t want good food, I just want to be with you.” The girl put the bowl on the side and crawled onto the quilt. She held the young woman’s hand and would not let go.

The young woman touched her head and could not help but cry.

After helping the young woman go to sleep, the girl ran out directly.

She started to collect plastic bottles on the road along the alley and put them into a big plastic bag. She dragged the bag along and kept picking up bottles.

When she was almost at the exit of the alley, she saw a plastic bottle nearby and wanted to pick it up. Suddenly, she was sprayed by water on her face.

“Hahaha, the little beggar is out collecting garbage again.”

“Now, spray her with the water guns now.”

“Little beggar, little beggar!”

The boys were spraying water at the little girl with water guns.

The little girl could not even keep her eyes open. She had to cover her face with hands and lowered her body to the ground.

But the little boys would not leave her alone. They came directly to her to spray her with the water guns.

Suddenly a cold voice came. “What are you doing? Go away!”

The little girl did not feel water on her anymore. She opened her eyes slowly and saw a big boy next to her. She stepped back instinctively and fell onto the ground.

The boy reached out his hand. “Don’t be afraid. Those bullying you are already gone.”

The little girl saw his smiling face and put down her guard slowly. She reached out her hand to let him pull her up. She noticed that he was not alone. There was another cold teenager standing next to them. She was a bit afraid and did not dare to look at him.

“What’s your name and why are you here alone?” the boy who helped her up asked.

The little girl looked at him and after quite a while she said, “My name is Su Ke. My mum is sick and I need to make money to get medicine for her. So I came here to pick up bottles. What’s your name?”

“I’m Shen Tianlang,” the boy answered. He patted her head. “What kind of illness does your mum have?”

“I don’t know. The Uncle Doctor said it was severe. I can’t find my dad, but I’m afraid something might happen to my mum.” The girl teared as she spoke. “I don’t want anything to happen to my mum.”

“We are late!” The teenager on the side suddenly interrupted Su Ke’s cry.

Su Ke stepped back and looked at the teenager with some fear. He was not as nice as Shen Tianlang at all and his entire body was very cold.

Shen Tianlang saw this and said to Su Ke at once, “Don’t be afraid. He’s my cousin and he’s not a bad guy. He just has a cold face.”