Chapter 266: Why Did No One Start Gossips Between Me And Xia Ning?

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Su Ke looked at the cold teenage with fear and tried to hide behind Shen Tianlang instinctively.

Shen Tianlang was a bit helpless about his cousin’s coldness. Finally, he had to say to him, “I’m not going today. You should go first.”

The cold teenager darted a look at him, turned around and left.

Shen Tianlang saw this and said immediately, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. How about I go back with you to check on your mother? We’ll see if I can help you.”

“Big brother, are you really willing to help us?” Su Ke looked at Shen Tianlang with some hope but also some uncertainty.

Shen Tianlang nodded. “You just have to show me the way.”

Su Ke pulled the garbage bag with her and guided the way in front. Shen Tianlang went up to help her, not concerned about the garbage staining his expensive clothes.

A big boy and a little girl went into the alley together.

That was the happiest day of Su Ke’s life. Because of the money the kind big brother gave her, she could finally make a good meal for her mum and did not have to eat tasteless porridge.

But all the happiness lasted only for that day.

“Where is this little beggar from? Go away, go away now!”

“Please help my mum.”

“I was thinking who this is. Isn’t this porn star Shen Chuxia? Who knows where her daughter is from?”

“You think with the last name Shen, you can get connected with the Shen family? The Shen of the Shen family is a rich Shen, but your Shen is merely a cheap last name. Get the hell away.”

“Miss Shen, this one says she is your younger sister. I know she is lying.”

“Brother Tianlang, help my mum. Mum is not talking to me. She is asleep and not talking. What should I do?”

Xia Ning opened her eyes suddenly and the car was still en route. All the past was very blurry to her already, but the pain she got from that time was so deep that it was carved in her bones. She looked at the castle in front of her and said suddenly, “Go to the cemetery.”

“Yes, Miss Asteria!” the chauffeur in the front answered with respect.

Back in the country, Zheng Haodong’s dirt was nonstop for a few days. The press conference for his new album had to be canceled and the ads and endorsements were all stopped. The reason was obviously a violation of contract from the actor’s side.

Even the agency decided to give up all their PR efforts. Apparently, they were planning to sacrifice him, just like what Xinghuang Entertainment did to Li Shanshan.

Originally, the Internet was saying this was revenge from Xia Ning, but reliable sources were saying that it was actually all from the Shengshi Group. People started to guess how Zheng Haodong offended Qiao Yu.

“This Zheng Haodong was really playing with fire. How dare he offend President Qiao? He chose this himself.”

“Do you know how Zheng Haodong offended President Qiao? Could it be because of Xia Ning?”

“The commenter above is thinking too much. Xia Ning has nothing to do with President Qiao okay? Don’t you know one of his supporters is the son of the Song family? I heard the Shen family has an engagement with the Song family a long time ago. Now Zheng Haodong is like slapping the face of President Qiao’s cousin. President Qiao treats his cousins really well so of course, he had to take it out on him for her.”

“True. Zheng Haodong was really messing with someone he should not have this time.”

Zheng Haodong and his agent, Yan Dong felt that doomsday had come. If it was only revenge from Xia Ning, Zheng Haodong could probably still ask for favors. But with Qiao Yu, no one would have the ability to ask him to let him go.

Yan Dong tried to find a connection everywhere and wanted to apologize to Qiao Yu. Finally, he found a friend who was willing to take Zheng Haodong with him.

“You have to seize the opportunity today,” Yan Dong said repeatedly.

Zheng Haodong smiled bitterly. Now he had to try everything.

On the other side, Qiao Yu saw the comments on Weibo and frowned deeply with an unpleasant face.

Chen Hong looked at his boss and asked carefully, “Boss, are you not happy with something?”

Qiao Yu frowned. “Why did no one start gossips between me and Xia Ning?”

Chen Hong: “…” Which one of the female stars would dare to have gossips with you? Li Shanshan and Chen Shiyan did not end well. So even if there were this type of comments, they were probably already taken down by Public Relations departments.