Chapter 267: Who Are You To Drink With Me?

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In S City, in a private room of a five-star restaurant.

Yan Dong held the glass to the fat rich man next to him and said, “President Chen, thank you so much today. I will down this glass for you.”

The middle-aged man who was called President Chen also held the glass up and smiled. “It’s nothing. My father was under the care of your grandfather a lot, it’s my duty to help you.”

“Nevertheless, we have to thank you. Only you have the ability to invite President Qiao.” Yan Dong drank the wine directly.

President Chen said with a smile, “Well done!” He also drank, but his eyes fell onto Zheng Haodong on the side and there was a certain emotion in his eyes.

Yan Doing naturally noticed President Chen’s gaze but he did not even move his eyebrows before he said to Zheng Haodong next to him, “Why don’t you drink a glass for President Chen?”

Zheng Haodong frowned almost invisibly but he still took his glass and said to President Chen, “Thank you, President Chen, for connecting us. I will drink up as well.”

The moment the words were out, the other businessmen around them joked, “One glass is not enough. At least three.”

Zheng Haodong looked unpleasant for a second. But seeing President Chen’s attitude, he had to suppress the anger in his heart and drank three glasses of wine. But even after the three glasses, those people still did not want to let him go.

Accompanying people to drink was not something Zheng Haodong had never done before. Previously, he would have to do it even though he felt it was gross. But now, it was really too much.

Yan Dong, of course, knew what President Chen wanted, but to live in this circle, something had to be given up.

He poured Zheng Haodong another glass at once and gestured him to continue.

Zheng Haodong breathed slightly and put on the smile on his face and was ready to drink again. Just at that time, the door was opened.

Everyone looked over and saw the person coming in. All of them stood up and greeted him, “President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu was wearing a black suit and was surrounded by people. His good-looking face was still cold, his eyes even colder. He nodded slightly and walked to the seat next to President Chen. “President Chen!” He reached out his hand.

President Chen reached out and shook his hand immediately with a big smile. “I did not expect President Qiao to give me face like this. It’s really an honor.”

President Qiao said calmly, “My father always mentioned President Chen when he was alive. You are my senior and if President Chen, you were to ask, there’s no way I won’t come.”

President Chen continued at once, “I was depressed for a long time about what happened to your father. When he was alive, we were like brothers…”

Qiao Yu nodded and did not speak.

President Chen did not dare to boast more. He was somewhat surprised to see Qiao Yu come as well. He was merely a classmate of Qiao Yu’s father, with not so deep of a relationship. But since Qiao Yu was willing to give him some face, of course, he would take it.

Everyone sat down and the wine was poured.

All of them started to drink with Qiao Yu. But Qiao Yu did not drink on these occasions, which was well known in the circle. So when Qiao Yu held the glass up just to gesture, no one got mad.

Finally, it was Zheng Haodong’s turn. He held the glass with both hands and stood up. “President Qiao, I was too young and naive. If I offended you somehow, please forgive me!” he said to Qiao Yu.

The private room went into a short silence. Everyone’s eyes fell onto the cold man, whose fingers were tapping the table slightly. No one knew what was on his mind.

Zheng Haodong’s hand was getting sore. He stared at the king-like man. Yeah, this man held his life or death in his hand.

“President Qiao…”

“Who are you to drink with me?” Qiao Yu looked up suddenly. His gaze at Zheng Haodong was cold, even with some disdain.