Chapter 268: Zheng Haodong’s Ending

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Zheng Haodong completely froze. He did not expect Qiao Yu to embarrass him directly like this.

All the others turned to Qiao Yu as well. Even though Qiao Yu was not an approachable person, he rarely said anything this blunt.

Yan Dong said at once, “President Qiao, Haodong was an immature person before and might have offended you a lot. Now he is apologizing to you…”

Qiao Yu darted a look at Yan Dong. “No need!”

Yan Dong was surprised. “So…” He did not understand what Qiao Yu meant. Was he not accepting the apology or was he saying there was no need to apologize?

President Chen smiled immediately. “President Qiao, Haodong is just young and does not know better. Please don’t blame him. Who is he and who are you? Let’s drink, drink.”

Zheng Haodong heard that and had to say, “President Qiao, if you don’t want to drink with me, feel free. But I will drink!”

Qiao Yu did not pay any attention to Zheng Haodong.

Someone poured more wine for Zheng Haodong immediately. After a dozen vodka, Qiao Yu still did not accept. Zheng Haodong was already dizzy.

President Chen saw this and said to Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, he is already drunk. What if you…”

Qiao Yu rocked his wine glass and did not speak for a second. He then said suddenly, “President Chen this is your dinner and he is your guest. Of course, it’s up to you. But one thing. I don’t want to hear any news about this person anymore.”

Yan Dong heard this and his heart skipped a beat. So after all that, President Qiao still did not want to forgive Haodong.

President Chen heard Qiao Yu’s words and promised immediately, “Please rest assured, President Qiao. I will never let him near your sight anymore.”

Zheng Haodong was resting his head on the table and was completely drunk. He had no idea his fate was already decided by others.

Yan Dong’s heart dropped to the ground. Was this a deal? Everyone said Qiao Yu was very cruel in business and would never lose on any deal. This dinner was completely pushing Zheng Haodong into dangerous ground. He would not be able to escape.

Who did not know President Chen had some weird quirks? He did not like women but preferred men. Also, no one who ended up in his hands could come back in one piece.

When the talking was done, it was time for Qiao Yu to leave. Yan Dong could not help but follow him out.

“President Qiao, why are you so against Zheng Haodong?” This was asked on behalf of Zheng Haodong.

Qiao Yu did not even give him a look and walked ahead with others next to him.

Yan Dong stood still. Seeing the vanishing back, he fell into confusion.

So when was it that Zheng Haodong offended President Qiao so much? Thinking about everything that happened lately, he could not find any reason because Zheng Haodong had never crossed paths with President Qiao in any case.

No. There was one person! Xia Ning!

President Qiao’s grudge against Zheng Haodong seemed to be venting for Xia Ning. Even though it would be surprising if Xia Ning and President Qiao were somehow related. If a man was after another, the most likely cause would be because of a woman.

Zheng Haodong was really doomed this time!

When Yan Dong went back, he saw the door of the private room opened and President Chen was holding Zheng Haodong to walk out, his hands all over Zheng Haodong.

Yan Dong went up at once and was ready to take Zheng Haodong.

“President Chen, I can take Haodong back.”

President Chen pushed away Yan Dong’s hands and looked at Zheng Haodong with a smile. “No, I will get him back. You drank a lot as well. I will have someone send you home.”

“No, President Chen, I’m okay. I…” Yan Dong wanted to say something but was pushed to the back of the crowd and held there.

Eventually, Yan Dong had to watch Zheng Haodong get taken away. He did not even need to think to know what was going to happen next.

As long as Qiao Yu was there, Zheng Haodong had no chance to regain his fame again.