Chapter 269: She’s Not A Patient

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Xia Ning did not stay in the U.K. for just three days as she had told Su Jingcheng before. She extended it to seven days.

The last stop was Saint Maria Counseling Center.

Kids were playing together on the grass while patients were walking around to enjoy the sunshine.

In the hallway on the second floor of the center, Xia Ning was standing there with her hands around her chest. She saw what was going on downstairs and remembered her own days here before. They seemed to be like this as well.

No worries at all. No need to do anything for a career or anyone.

Everyone said psychological patients had a distorted mind. No, all they needed was a nice environment to drive away the darkness at the bottom of their heart.

“Asteria, what are you looking at?” An old British man came from behind. He was in a doctor’s suit.

Xia Ning tilted her head to look at the man walking towards her and said with a smile, “I suddenly feel like staying here for a while.”

“You are always welcome.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. “Edward, do you still think I’m a patient?”

“You’ve not laughed in a long time,” Edward answered.

Xia Ning smiled. “Life is not always full of laughter. People have to experience a lot of unpleasant moments.”

Doctor Edward nodded. “You are right. But the old you was not like this. Ever since that accident, you changed.”

“But when I had laughter, I was not really that normal. Otherwise, I would not have come to you for a second time.” Xia Ning smiled. She did not avoid anything from her past.

Hearing this, Doctor Edward did not talk.

Seeing the kids playing not too far away, Xia Ning said suddenly, “I want to start a fund to specifically help those kids who have depression. I’m hoping to get your help as well, Edward.”

Doctor Edward heard this and said immediately, “Thank you, Asteria. I thank you on behalf of the kids. You are our lucky charm. You’ve helped us so much already.”

Xia Ning smiled and looked at Edward with a serious face. “That’s because other than money, I have nothing. If I could use money to help others, I’d be very happy.”

Doctor Edward said religiously, “God will guide you to happiness.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows and did not talk. There was no happiness for her since a long time ago. But she would accept the kindness behind this blessing.

Doctor Edward asked about something else, “Steven hasn’t been here for a long time. Have you guys been in touch?”

Xia Ning heard and smiled. “We have always been in touch but he is very busy recently. Do you want to hear his songs again?”

“His songs are so warm, just like the gospel that God sends to mankind.” Edward did not hold back his praise.

Xia Ning nodded. “I’ll pass this to him.”

They chatted for a while and in the afternoon, Xia Ning left.

Not long after Xia Ning’s departure, someone else visited here as well and he happened to see Xia Ning.

Mu Zichen saw Xia Ning’s back and muttered, “Isn’t that Alex’s ex-wife?” He glimpsed at her direction and saw the counseling center. He frowned a little. He actually followed Xia Ning’s trail here and seemed to have found something big. Now all he needed was a confirmation.