Chapter 273: Did You Forget You Have Another Aunt?

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Lin Nan was the Movie King and naturally, his acting skills were impeccable. The MV was short, so it was done in three days.

When they finished, Lin Nan wanted to buy Xia Ning dinner but she turned him down.

The reason being that she was involved in too many scandals and did not want to add Lin Nan’s name into it.

The photos of her traveling with Shen Tianlang in London were finally posted online. The man was handsome and the girl was beautiful. They looked like the perfect couple, much better than her scandal with Zheng Haodong.

Many people on the Internet was mocking Zheng Haodong for wanting to punch above his weight. And all he got himself was a hot mess.

But someone online with good eyes found that Xia Ning and Shen Tianlang’s faces were somewhat alike.

So people started to dig into the news when Xia Ning was calling Shen Weiran her aunt.

More evidence was showing that Xia Ning was very much likely to be related to the Shen family.

In the Shen house, a family meeting was already underway.

In the head seat was the current person-in-charge of the Shen family, Shen Donglai. He was also Shen Weiwei and Shen Tianlang’s father.

“Tianlang, what’s going on? What’s your relationship with that woman Xia Ning?” Gao Lihua questioned Shen Tianlang first. She had always known her son well and trusted his personality. But now, Xia Ning was involved and she suddenly was not sure. That actress, Xia Ning, was really skillful and was receiving people’s attention everywhere. She was afraid her son was still young and gullible.

Shen Weiwei was irritated at once too. “Brother, you know I hate Xia Ning and you still choose to like her. I hate you.”

Seeing his own mother and sister starting to blame him without even asking about what was going on, Shen Tianlang felt a bit helpless too. He tried to be patient and said, “Mom, Weiwei, you are mistaken. It’s not what you think.”

Gao Lihua frowned. “So what is it?”

“I just got to know Xia Ning. We have no relationship whatsoever. I ran into her accidentally in England. Nowadays, the media like to make up stories to get people’s attention.” Shen Tianlang sighed.

“But…” Shen Weiwei wanted to say something else.

A serious voice interrupted her suddenly, “Well, you of all people should know what Tianlang is like.”

Shen Weiwei twitched her mouth and said in a low voice, “Oh.” As long as her brother did not fall for that woman Xia Ning.

Shen Donglai was almost 60. But he was well maintained and looked only in his early fifties. His gaze was very dignified.

“What do you think of this actress named Xia Ning?” Shen Donglai looked at Shen Tianlang and suddenly asked.

Shen Tianlang was a bit shocked and did not expect Shen Donglai to ask this question. As a matter of fact, he wanted to talk to his father about Xia Ning today.

“Father, I think Xia Ning looks like Auntie’s daughter.”

Gao Lihua looked at Shen Tianlang in shock. What nonsense was he talking about?

Shen Weiwei said directly, “Brother, Auntie does not have a daughter. What are you talking about?”

Shen Tianlang ignored Shen Weiwei and turned to Shen Donglai to continue, “Father, you know who I’m talking about. If you look closely, you’ll find a lot of similarities.”

Shen Donglai squinted his eyes to look at his own son. He suddenly said, “Your grandfather cares about this a lot. Later, you should take her to do a paternity test. If it’s true, take her back home for us to see. The blood of the Shen family should come back home.”

Shen Tianlang heard this and looked happy. “Well, I know. Thank you, Father.”

Shen Weiwei was lost and said to Shen Tianlang, “Father, Brother, what do you mean? How could Xia Ning have Shen family’s blood?”

Shen Tianlang looked at Shen Weiwei and said in a low voice, “Did you forget you have another aunt?”