Chapter 274: Shen Family’s Attitude

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Another aunt? Shen Weiwei really did not have a deep impression. But when she was young she knew something happened.

She frowned and said, “I have only one aunt and that’s Movie Queen Shen Weiran. Not any beggar on the street can be my aunt.” When she was done, she stood up and walked away directly.

Gao Lihua saw Shen Weiwei leaving in anger and having no manners at all. She sighed. “Look at this kid. Why is she always so impatient? What should she do when she’s married?”

Reminded of Shen Weiwei’s engagement, Shen Tianlang had to reiterate his view to his parents, “Father and Mother, Song Chenfeng is not suitable for Weiwei at all. Even though the two families match, Weiwei might not be happy.”

Gao Lihua took a look at her son and said helplessly, “The thing is, your sister has to listen to us. Well, let me go upstairs and accompany her.” As she spoke, she stood up and walked to the second floor.

Of course, Shen Tianlang knew about his sister’s thoughts. But an infamous man like Song Chenfeng would never be able to give Weiwei the happiness she wanted. He could not really watch his sister jumping into a fire pit.

Shen Donglai suddenly looked at Shen Tianlang and said, “Is it her who wants to come back to the Shen family?”

Shen Tianlang was surprised and did not understand what his father meant. He looked at him with confusion.

“Did Xia Ning express that she wants to come back?” Shen Donglai asked again.

Shen Tianlang shook his head. “She did not even admit that she’s Auntie’s daughter. But her last name is Su and I remembered her look. Even though she looks very much different from when she was young, I think I’m right.”

Shen Donglai nodded. “Your grandfather will be very happy to see her.”

Shen Tianlang said with all the seriousness, “Father, don’t worry. I will persuade her to come back to the Shen family.”

Seeing his young and handsome son, Shen Donglai went into silence with something he could not understand in his expression. Eventually, he sighed and returned to the second floor.

With his father’s approval, the first thing Shen Tianlang needed to do was to look for Xia Ning and tell her the Shen family’s attitude.

Because Xia Ning was very popular lately, she got the invitation to walk the red carpet for the Huabiao Award. She did not have a lot of famous works so she did not get nominated.

Lin Nan was going this time as well. He learned that Xia Ning got the invitation too and asked her to be his partner.

Xia Ning was thinking about whether she should go alone or find someone to go with her. Lin Nan’s invitation solved her problem.

The Huabiao Award was held every year and the audience were the judges. But even though this award was not that professional, like Director Li said, it was still an award. If you got the Movie Queen Award here, people would still have to call you Movie Queen.

Xia Ning was wearing a long white dress and holding Lin Nan’s arm while walking the red carpet.

For some time, she hated the spotlight. Later, she told herself that if she could take it, she would not be afraid of anyone or any mocking voices.

Lin Nan looked at the girl next to him and said with a smile, “You look very good today.”

Xia Ning darted a look at him and smiled back. “So do you.”

Lin Nan raised his eyebrows and was a bit proud in his heart. So, his face was indeed useful.

They walked to the backdrop and signed their names. They then posed for photos as an early advertisement for the new movie.

Just as the two were leaving, numerous voices came from the front of the red carpet. Xia Ning turned around and saw a woman in a black gown. She had smoky makeup on with bright red lips. Her delicate face with the coldness of the makeup had an outstanding effect on people. It was her, Movie Queen Shen Weiran.