Chapter 275: What Do You Think, Goddess?

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Some women would always be the focus of the crowd wherever she went. It was not because the spotlight followed her, but she herself seemed to be glowing.

Xia Ning had to admit that Shen Weiran was a woman with taste and she knew how to show off her beauty.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Shen Weiran. Movie Queen Shen had not been out for a long time. They heard the Huabiao Award received a big name this year and did not expect it was her.

Lin Nan frowned slightly. “If I knew Shen Weiran was coming in the first place, I wouldn’t even come here.”

Xia Ning darted a look at Lin Nan. She had heard him saying that he did not like Shen Weiran’s personality. She did not like her either because she was hypocritical and pretentious.

Shen Weiran walked to the backdrop and when she saw Xia Ning, she nodded to her. She then signed her name and left.

Xia Ning was smiling and looked exactly like a fan. We are all grownups. If you can act, I can as well.

And she believed that Shen Weiran definitely did not want to see her now.

Now that Xia Ning was known as the second-biggest shareholder at SE Entertainment, she was a famous figure now. Because of her cooperation with Lin Nan for Director Zeng’s movie, the committee put her seat next to Lin Nan.

Because Lin Nan was a high ranker, eventually, Xia Ning sat next to Shen Weiran.

Many darted their eyes to the two as if they wanted to find something on their faces.

“Senior Shen, how are you?” Xia Ning suddenly said to Shen Weiran next to her.

Shen Weiran looked at her and smiled slightly. “Miss Xia, how are you?”

“I did not expect to see you, my idol, here today. That’s a great surprise, ” Xia Ning said with a smile.

“Oh really? In fact, I’m happy to see you as well, Miss Xia,” Shen Weiran answered with a smile. “Thanks to your ten million, a lot of kids were helped.”

Xia Ning smiled casually, “Just ten million might not have made an impression to Movie Queen Shen. If there’s another charity reception, you have to invite me. For you, I’m willing to donate 200 million.”

Shen Weiran frowned invisibly and replied with a smile, “Everyone says Miss Xia is from a rich family. So it’s true.”

Xia Ning smiled. “Movie Queen Shen is right about this. I am from a rich family and have some spare money. So next time, if you have any opportunities to do good deeds like this, please think about me.” As if she thought of something, she said suddenly, “In fact, I really think you are wronged, Movie Queen Shen. It’s not like the Shen family and the Song family lack money. I don’t understand why some media were saying you embezzled the 200 million. How would that be possible? Before, I donated that ten million and everyone was guessing. So, truth be told, we are so alike.”

Shen Weiran’s smile on her face was a bit stiff. She darted a look at Xia Ning and turned to the front without saying anything else.

Xia Ning followed her eyes and the host was already starting to reveal the nominees.

She understood why Shen Weiran came to an award show like this today. She desperately needed a positive image in front of the public. This award happened to be willing to give her an Achievement Award so she would of course be happy to accept it.

Lin Nan was nominated for the Movie King Award but he did not get it in the end.

For a not-so-professional award like this, many times, it did not depend on the acting skills so it was what it was.

Finally, it was Shen Weiran’s turn. This time, she got the Lifetime Achievement Award.

When Shen Weiran’s name was called, the entire crowd was boiling.

For the Eternal-Youth Goddess, even if not everyone liked her, they’d be happy to give her face and it was for the Shen and Song families behind her as well.

Shen Weiran stood up elegantly. Just as she was ready to get on the stage, a hand fell onto her wrist.

Shen Weiran looked back at the person next to her and even though she looked calm, her eyes were somewhat cold.

Xia Ning stood up and accepted the looks from everyone. She said pleasantly, “My goddess won an award and I want to give her a hug. Do you think it’s okay?”

“Sure!” the crowd shouted.

Xia Ning looked at Shen Weiran and smiled slightly, “What do you think, Goddess?”