Chapter 276: The Smoky Makeup Does Not Really Suit You

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Everyone’s eyes fell onto Shen Weiran and Xia Ning in the front row. Both of them had a unique charisma.

Shen Weiran was cold and proud while Xia Ning was fresh and natural. The two different personalities faced each other and were as if they were going to collide.

Shen Weiran looked at the girl who had an innocent smile and her eyes turned dark. For all her years in show business, no one had been so daring as to fight her like this. Yes, she was challenging her.

“Of course.” Shen Weiran smiled slightly. As she spoke, she opened her arms.

Xia Ning seemed like she thought of something and shook her head. “I have too much dirt on me lately. I’d better not touch you, Goddess, in case my dirt affects you.”

The second these words were out, many started to laugh. The show business never lacked hypocritical people but instead lacked real souls. Xia Ning’s words sounded special in their ears.

Shen Weiran twitched the muscles on her face. Hearing the laughter around her, she felt like they were mocking her for being tricked by a newcomer like Xia Ning.

Shen Weiran said with a smile, “No worries. Miss Xia, you’ve helped me so much and I’ve always wanted to give you a hug.” As she spoke, she hugged Xia Ning directly.

Xia Ning replied with a smile, “My dear goddess, you are so welcome. It’s my honor to help you as a fan. Don’t they say that if everyone shows some love, the world will become a better place tomorrow? I will support you for your charity! Let us build a better future together.”

The host saw the “harmonious” scene down there and said sincerely, “This is the most moving confession I’ve seen from an idol to a fan.”

Xia Ning let go of Shen Weiran and said to her with a smile, “Goddess, please go up. This kind of award is probably once in a lifetime. Please remember to take a photo with me later.”

The others saw this and would only think they had a very good relationship. Only Shen Weiran and Xia Ning knew what was really going on between the two.

Shen Weiran smiled slightly. “Of course.” As she spoke, she walked to the stage directly.

Lin Nan next to her looked at Xia Ning and said with a smile, “Good acting.”

Xia Ning looked to him and smiled slightly, “I don’t dare to show off in front of you Movie Kings and Movie Queens.”

Shen Weiran accepted her award and thanked the industry for the affirmation and the fans for their support. Without them, there would not be the her today.

Because Shen Weiran’s arrival was a hit today, when she was done, there was a special program. It was about inviting a fan to show their feelings to Movie Queen Shen. And Xia Ning had already done that.

But the program had to continue, so the host said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, as the craziest fan, what else do you want to say to Movie Queen Shen? Something like a good wish?”

Xia Ning was called and she looked like she was smiling. She stood up and looked at Shen Weiran on the stage and said helplessly, “If I knew before, I’d have saved my confession to my goddess for now. Host, are you sure you are not giving me a hard time on purpose?”

The host smiled and said, “Xia Ning, anything will do. Why would I be giving you a hard time? Also, a line or two is good. Don’t even dream of taking my job.”

When these words were out, the actors and actresses below the stage all laughed.

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows and turned to Shen Weiran. She curled her lips and said suddenly, “My goddess, the smoky makeup does not really suit you.”