Chapter 278: Special Treatment

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Back in the Mountain Villa, Zheng Ziming was already waiting there.

Seeing Xia Ning’s return, he walked up at once. “Asteria, you are back.”

Xia Ning looked at him with confusion. “What are you doing here?”

“You’ve been back for a couple of days but I haven’t seen you. So you tell me why I’m here!” Zheng Ziming said somewhat unpleasantly.

Xia Ning rolled her eyes as him. “Shouldn’t you be with your little girlfriend now?” She walked in and threw her bag on the couch.

Zheng Ziming looked awkward for a second. “It’s not real between me and Gigi. It’s just another rumor. Don’t believe it.”

“What about Coco and Nina before? Aren’t they all real?” Xia Ning looked at him with a vague smile. “So who was it that came to cry to me when he broke up before?”

Zheng Ziming heard that and looked a bit irritated. “Asteria, I was kind enough to visit you but all you do is tease me. Can we still be friends? We should end our friendship.”

Xia Ning darted a look at him. “Have we ever been friends?”

Zheng Ziming: “…” You can’t be this heartless.

Zheng Ziming sat across Xia Ning and put on a serious face. “Did you see Shen Weiran today?”


“Did you tell her about your relationship?” Zheng Ziming asked.

Xia Ning shook her head. “Nope.”

Zheng Ziming looked at her with confusion. “Why not?” Isn’t this a good chance to reveal Shen Weiran and the Shen family, as well as announce her identity?

Xia Ning looked at him and said with a smile, “If I did so, there would be news about my mum being the illegitimate daughter of the Shen family. I can’t let her take this advantage.”

“So why were you there today?” Zheng Ziming was even more speechless. He had been waiting for her for an entire night.

Xia Ning darted a look at Zheng Ziming. “Of course, I went to amend my relationship with the Goddess.”

“…” Zheng Ziming was done waiting. “Tell me.”

Xia Ning rubbed her eyebrows and said calmly, “Do you know how to hold off before you want to start? Shen Weiran is good at acting but I’m even better. Don’t worry, because the Shen family is even more worried than me.”

“What do you mean?” Zheng Ziming really wanted to crack open Xia Ning’s head and see what was going on inside.

Xia Ning curled her lips slightly. “Because I have something that everyone in the Shen family wants.”

Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning with surprise. “Really?”

Xia Ning darted a look at him and did not speak. But this was enough to convince Zheng Ziming.

“You are good,” Zheng Ziming sighed and said. “So what do we do now? Just wait?”

“Yup.” Xia Ning nodded. All she needed to do was wait.

Recently, the fantasy wuxia show Xia Ning acted in started to air. Even though Xia Ning played a small role, because that role was well-liked in the book and she did a good job acting, she gained a lot of new fans.

Seeing the 13 million fans on Weibo, Xia Ning felt like someone bought the fans for her.

‘The City of Desperation’ was ready to start filming. Director Zeng invited Xia Ning and Lin Nan to his house to discuss the details of the script. That was like a special treatment for the two of them. It was also the way of the famous Director Zeng. He wanted to be ready no matter what.

But to Xia Ning’s surprise, they were not the only two that were invited by Director Zeng. He also invited the investor – Qiao Yu.