Chapter 282: The Punch

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So was it indeed because of someone else’s words? Qiao Yu frowned slightly. “I didn’t say that. Why did you believe that person? Who picked up the phone and told you the false information?”

At this moment, anger was burning in his heart. He was angry with her recklessness, as well as the lie that person told. If it were not because of that, maybe he and Xia Ning would not have divorced.

“Think about it. Someone who could touch your phone and be close to you enough to make me believe you were getting engaged. Who could that be?” Xia Ning stared at Qiao Yu with a vague smile.

Qiao Yu’s face changed. He went through the people they both knew. Who could use his phone to take a call and could make her believe it? There was only one person left!

“Gao Yang?!” Qiao Yu said in an almost sure tone. “What did he tell you?”

Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu. “Judging from your look, your good brother did not tell you he picked up my call.” She breathed a little. “Now that you know who it was, why don’t you go ask him what he told me? Because what he says is more trustworthy than my words.”

“Xia Ning, tell me!” Qiao Yu held on to the car window and glared at the person inside. He was on the edge of losing it. If this misunderstanding led him to lose his wife, he would want to kill Gao Yang!

Xia Ning tilted her head to look at him and said with a vague smile on her face, “It was nothing. He just told me that you were getting engaged and asked me to stop bothering you and that you would never like me. That day, I suddenly came to realize that loving you was a very ridiculous thing.”

“I will give you an answer to this.” Qiao Yu suddenly walked to his own car and opened the car door to get in. He then drove away.

Staring at the starry sky above her, Xia Ning twitched her mouth. She did feel the thrill of revenge. Why was she the only one to get hurt and be in pain? But somehow, her heart felt empty. In fact, comparing to revenge, she preferred to forget.

In the Gao house, Gao Yang had just finished showering and blowing dry his hair. He was on the first floor watching TV with his parents in the living room.

His mother Xu Yi looked at him and said seriously, “Don’t just wander outside all day long. The kid from the Song family is wasted. You can’t be like him.” As she spoke, she handed the fruit platter to Gao Yang. “Eat more fruits and drink less.”

Gao Zhengxiong saw the hearty move by his wife and sneered. “A kind mother spoils her son.”

Gao Yang’s mother looked at him and said unpleasantly, “I don’t see a strict father like you being able to teach your son well too.”

Gao Yang saw the dispute between his parents and felt he was the collateral damage. He was the one that got spoiled and he was the one who was not taught well. What did he do wrong?

Just as this time, a servant came in and said, “Master, Ms, and Young Master. Young Master Qiao is here looking for Young Master.”

“Yu’s here.” Gao Zhengxiong stood up immediately. “Now, invite him in now.”

Xu Yi also shouted to the people in the kitchen, “Now, get some tea for Young Master Qiao.”

Seeing his parents’ enthusiasm, Gao Yang had the feeling that he was just an adopted son. They treated Brother way better than him.

Gao Zhengxiong said to his son, “Learn more from your brother every day.”

Xu Yi sided with her husband as well. “Your brother is in charge of the Shengshi Group at such a young age. You should follow him more and spend less time with those actresses.”

Gao Yang knew his mother was talking about his scandal with Xia Ning. He was wronged, okay? Plus, Brother was the one who was spending more time with the stars.

The servant brought Qiao Yu in.

“Yu…” Gao Zhengxiong and Xu Yi welcomed him with big smiles.

Even Gao Yang stood up and said with a smile, “Brother, you are here…” Before he could finish, Qiao Yu walked up to him and punched him in the face.