Chapter 283: You Are A F*cking Jerk

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Everyone was shocked by the twist.

Gao Yang covered his bleeding nose and sat down on the sofa. He looked at the cold Qiao Yu in confusion.

“Yu, what are you doing?” Xu Yi said in a panic. She blocked in front of Gao Yang and was afraid that Qiao Yu would punch him again.

Even Gao Zhengxiong’s face changed. His nephew was not a person who would easily punch someone like this. So it was definitely because his son did something very wrong?!

“Yi, get out of the way. Gao Yang really needs a lesson. He must have done something to cross Yu like this.” Gao Zhengxiong sentenced Gao Yang at once.

Gao Yang looked to his father and said in his heart, ‘You are indeed my real father. I’ve never seen someone who would sell his son so easily.’

“Brother, did I do something wrong?” Gao Yang was also aware that Qiao Yu would not punch anyone out of the blue. Even though he took the blow, he was not upset.

Qiao Yu nodded at his uncle and aunt and said, “Uncle, Auntie, I’m sorry. It’s my bad today. I have something to talk to Gao Yang outside. Just a little chat. Would it be okay?”

“Of course. You are brothers and there’s nothing you can’t talk about.” Gao Zhengxiong said immediately. He darted a sharp look at Gao Yang. His son must have done something very bad. Otherwise, his nephew would not be so mad.

Xu Yi wanted to stop her husband’s decision. But she looked at Qiao Yu and then to Gao Yang and felt somewhat relieved. Ever since they were young, Qiao Yu had treated Gao Yang very well. Even if they were not real brothers, they were even more than that. Young people’s matters should be revolved by themselves.

Gao Yang thought it was really shameful to be beaten up in front of his own parents. Therefore, he was willing to go out and talk as well.

Outside the Gao house, Qiao Yu was standing in the yard and looking at the sky. No one knew what was on his mind.

Gao Yang followed and said in a low voice, “Brother…”

Before he could finish, the person in front of him turned around suddenly and punched him in the face again. He was knocked down to the ground.

“Brother, why are you doing this again…” Gao Yang looked a bit wronged.

Qiao Yu stared at him coldly. “I will ask you one question and you will answer honestly.”

Gao Yang was shocked by Qiao Yu’s attitude and nodded subconsciously.

“Four years ago, when I was in the hospital, did you get a call from Xia Ning on my phone?”

Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yu with surprise. Four years ago? Why didn’t he have any memory?

“Brother, why are you asking about this suddenly?” Gao Yang looked at him, baffled.

Qiao Yu said in a low voice, “You just have to tell me, yes or no.”

Gao Yang thought for a second and said, “I don’t remember.”

“Then I will give you a hint. You said I was getting engaged with another person and asked Xia Ning not to badger me and that I would never like her. Right?” Qiao Yu’s voice was extremely cold.

Gao Yang was searching in his head. He had some impression about when Brother was in the hospital. He did get a call from Xia Ning and he might have said something like that.

“Brother, you were hurt back then and she was still bothering you. So I took the call for you and asked her not to bother you,” Gao Yang answered.

Qiao Yu heard this and grabbed Gao Yang from the ground just to give him another punch. There was blood all over Gao Yang’s face and clothes.

“You are a f*cking jerk. She was my wife, pregnant with my baby. You told her I was getting engaged with another person. Did you want her to die?”