Chapter 284: Sorry, I Was Being A Jerk

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Gao Yang laid on the ground, panting. He looked at the man who was extremely angry and his mind was blank. He did not want that at all.

Back then, Brother was in a serious car accident and his father passed away. They were all in a panic but Xia Ning’s calls were nonstop. He thought she was still badgering Brother and got very upset. So he let it out on her.

He remembered Brother saying Xia Ning was a few months pregnant but she still drove out in a car and got into an accident later. Back then, he thought Xia Ning wanted to kill Brother’s baby. Now that he thought about it, it might be because of his own mistake that Xia Ning was shocked and had the accident. If that was the case, he would not be able to forgive himself.

Next to him, a shadow came down. Qiao Yu lay onto the ground. The emotional moment just now had made his brain a bit sore.

Thinking back closely about what happened to Xia Ning back then, he felt unstoppable pain in his heart. He felt extremely lucky that she was okay and the baby was okay. Otherwise, they might not have any chance for the rest of their lives.

Gao Yang calmed himself down and said, “Brother, sorry, I was being a jerk. I didn’t know you were married to Xia Ning back then. Had I known, I would never have said any nonsense like that. But in any case, I will apologize to Xia Ning about this.” Now his mockery to Xia Ning seemed so ridiculous.

He could understand why Xia Ning did not like his brother anymore. He contributed to this as well.

“I will tell her about this,” Qiao Yu said in a low voice.

Gao Yang turned his head to look at Qiao Yu. “Brother, it was my fault. I will explain to Xia Ning.”

Qiao Yu closed his eyes without saying anything else. He was so eager to go back to her and explain everything.

After a long while, Gao Yang went back inside.

Gao Zhengxiong and Xu Yi saw the black and blue together with the blood on their son and their hearts ached.

But Gao Zhengxiong was still saying, “You little bastard. You did this to yourself.”

Xu Yi hit her husband. “What nonsense are you talking about? Our son is hurt…”

“Mom, Dad is right. I did do this to myself. Well, I’m going upstairs to take a shower and put some medication on this. It hurts.” Gao Yang touched his nose and it was so painful that he moved his mouth. But the corner of his mouth was broken as well. He covered his mouth and went straight up.

Gao Zhengxiong and Xu Yi looked at each other. This time, he admitted his mistake very quickly. Of course, Yu knew the way.

That night, Xia Ning also could not fall asleep. She stood on the balcony of the second floor and gazed into the starry sky. She knew Qiao Yu would go after Gao Yang. However, what the truth was did not matter at all.

The only thing she knew was that the crash was a nightmare. Every time she thought about it, she was always covered by blood and on the edge of life and death. That killed any possibility of her getting back together with Qiao Yu.

The next morning, Xia Ning had to go to SE Entertainment, mainly to conclude all her gossips lately.

The Internet was extremely curious about her real name. If they did not clarify, they could miss their own chance to get this right. Xia Ning did not mind publicizing her real name so she let Lu Qing decide.

Normally, a post on Weibo would be enough to publish this kind of news. Or she could show a picture of her documents.

Xia Ning decided to show the name on her ID. She got the ID after she returned to the country. Based on the date, the Internet could also tell she changed her nationality after she got back. Therefore, there was no lie before.

When the fans saw Xia Ning’s name, they finally understood Xia Ning’s Weibo account name.