Chapter 285: I’m Not Asking For Any Important Role

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After quite some time, Xia Ning’s Weibo finally posted something new.

SKXiaNingV: Thank you, everyone, for your concern. I’ve said before that my name has four characters. The first and third are last names, and the second and fourth are first names. My full name is Su Ke Xia Ning.

Within five minutes of the posting, thousands of comments flooded in.

“Great name. Four-character names are rare. Lemon’s parents are good with names. Either Su Ke or Xia Ning sounds very good.”

“Before, I thought Xia Ning messed her Weibo name up when she was registering and put SKXiaNing instead of SEXiaNing. Now I know it’s her full name and I feel dumb.”

“I’ve really liked low-key actresses like Xia Ning. Don’t ask me why she’s always in the headlines. Maybe it’s because she is such a clean person that many people want to just throw dirt at her.”

“No matter what, I support Lemon as always. Unlike some fence-sitters, leaning towards one side whenever something happens.”

In the office at the Shen Group, Shen Tianlang had been following Xia Ning’s Weibo. The second her Weibo post was out, he saw it at once. Su Ke Xia Ning. She was really Xiao Ke.

He picked up his phone and made a call. “Postpone all my meetings today to tomorrow. I need to go out and do something.”

After he hung up, he organized his stuff on the desk, picked up his suit and suitcase and walked out directly.

Xia Ning was sitting in her office and reading the comments with a poker face. She was not simply trying to show proof to the Internet when she posted her name.

But Zheng Ziming said somewhat emotionally, “I’m still more used to your English name.”

“Huh?” Xia Ning did not follow.

Zheng Ziming smiled and said, “Because you are the Goddess in my heart.”

Xia Ning could not help but roll her eyes at him. It seemed like he was always joking no matter the time.

“I’m going to the set again tomorrow, so I plan to take a break at home this afternoon. Call me if there’s anything.” Xia Ning stood up, picked up her bag and started to walk outside.

Zheng Ziming saw this and said helplessly, “The set again. When can we go out and have a real vacation?”

“You know. It won’t take long.” Xia Ning went out without even looking back.

Zheng Ziming heard that and frowned a little. Eventually, he sighed. True. It won’t take long.

Lu Qing was talking to Fu Yao in the hallway. She saw Xia Ning walking out and said to her, “Xia Ning, come over here. I have something to tell you.”

Xia Ning walked over and asked, “What?”

Lu Qing looked at Fu Yao and sighed, “This girl wants to be in the same movie as you. She did not dare to tell you and asked me to do it. Well, is there any small role in Director Zeng’s movie for Fu Yao?”

Xia Ning looked to Fu Yao and Fu Yao lowered her head and did not look at her.

Maybe Fu Yao felt she was being looked at for too long, she could not take it anymore and looked up to Xia Ning. “Sister Xia Ning, could you help me?”

Xia Ning looked at Fu Yao. “Don’t you have to audit for roles yourself? I can help you once, but not twice.”

Lu Qing knew Xia Ning had a cold personality and Fu Yao could be easily hurt. She pulled Xia Ning slightly. “It’s not like everyone can get in Director Zeng’s movie. You have a good relationship with Director Zeng. Just lend a hand.”

“I know I’m causing trouble for Sister Xia Ning but I’m not asking for any important role,” Fu Yao ground her teeth and said unpleasantly.