Chapter 286: Fu Yao’s Ambition

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Did girls these days feel righteous about everything? Xia Ning looked at Fu Yao in a funny way. Who gave her the confidence?

“So tell me, why should I help you?” Xia Ning looked at Fu Yao and said suddenly.

Lu Qing saw Xia Ning getting serious and had to say, “It’s not a big deal. Why are you so serious? Don’t scare her.”

Xia Ning darted a look at Lu Qing. “Think clearly. Whose agent are you?”

“Of course, I’m your agent,” Lu Qing said without thinking. She glimpsed at Fu Yao. “And also Fu Yao’s.”

“So for the benefit of an agent, you want to make full use of everything. But Lu Qing, I’m not happy with you.” Xia Ning looked at Lu Qing coldly. “As an agent, you need to first have considerations for your celebrity. You have made considerations for your celebrity, but you didn’t consider me.”

“Xia Ning, is this all so serious?” Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning in disbelief. “Isn’t it just a matter of you talking to Director Zeng?”

Xia Ning almost laughed. Before, she thought Lu Qing did not have a clear mind. Now she realized, her brain was broken.

“Even if I could talk to Director Zeng, why should I help her? Lu Qing, think clearly. She is trying to consume my face with others, but I need to pay it back. What’s in this for me? Don’t you know Director Zeng hates people like this? Where are you putting me? Also, don’t talk about helping out others. If you are so nice, why don’t you help her? Don’t forget, she’s your talent and not mine. I have no responsibility to help her.”

Lu Qing was shocked by Xia Ning’s sudden eruption. She opened her mouth but could not refute her at all.

Fu Yao looked at Xia Ning and ground her teeth. “Sister Xia Ning, you are crossing the line here.”

“Then tell me how I’m crossing it.” Xia Ning looked at her with a vague smile.

“You are the second-biggest shareholder of the company. Don’t you have a responsibility to look out for your employees?” Fu Yao stared at her and said boldly. “If I get famous, doesn’t it help you as well?”

Xia Ning turned to Lu Qing. “This is the newcomer you picked. Well done. She certainly is eager to succeed.”

Of course, Lu Qing knew Fu Yao’s words went too far. She apologized to Xia Ning at once, “Xia Ning, don’t be mad. Fu Yao doesn’t know any better…”

“If she doesn’t know anything better, don’t you?” Xia Ning sneered. “Well, I don’t think you have time to take care of me. You don’t need to work for me from now on.” When she was done, she walked away.

You don’t need to work for me from now on?!

Lu Qing heard this and she felt something collapsing in her heart. Xia Ning couldn’t be serious?! They had such a great relationship so how could she treat her like this?

“Xia Ning, hear me out…”

“Sister Lu Qing, I don’t believe that I can’t get more popular than her. If she can do this, I can as well,” Fu Yao stuck her neck out and said.

Lu Qing turned around and darted a look at Fu Yao in irony. Did she want to compare herself to Xia Ning? Was there something wrong with her! She herself was being stupid to drive Xia Ning away for a newcomer. She got rid of Fu Yao’s hands and went straight after Xia Ning.

Fu Yao was pushed away by Lu Qing suddenly and got upset immediately. “Sister Lu Qing, are you just going to leave me here? I will tell my Brother!”

Xia Ning did not take the elevator but instead took the stairs. Someone saw her in a fight with Lu Qing and came up and said, “Xia Ning, talk to Lu Qing. That guy is not trustworthy at all.”

Xia Ning looked at the person. “What happened?”

“Isn’t Lu Qing worried about getting older and always wanted to find a boyfriend and get married? She happened to run into Fu Yao’s cousin. Her cousin was really nice to Lu Qing and Lu Qing started to fall for that guy. That’s why she’s trying to help Fu Yao. It is also the reason for what happened just now. I’ve seen Fu Yao’s cousin from far away. He did not look like a decent person. You should talk to Lu Qing.”

Xia Ning stood by the staircase and frowned slightly. Why did she feel like everything changed after she was back from the show?