Chapter 287: Shen Tianlang’s Here

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Xia Ning went down to the first floor of SE and saw Lu Qing by the gate searching. She looked like she was somewhat lost.

Having been in SE for many years, Lu Qing did not achieve a lot. She had made quite a few talents famous but all of them left her and joined other companies. Now that she had Xia Ning, she definitely did not want to give her up.

Xia Ning met Lu Qing the first time she came to SE. Back then, Lu Qing’s talent had just left her and she was crying in the staircase. At that time, Xia Ning thought she might not be that capable but she would be a good friend to have. Therefore, she asked for her specifically from Zheng Ziming.

Then Lu Qing started to show her problems at work. But these were all small problems and she could fix them. But now, Lu Qing had changed. She had lost herself.

People should be equal beings. No one owes you anything or was supposed to do anything for you. She could not even understand such a simple truth. If this was to keep going, she would not let her be her agent.

A more practical way of saying it was she could tolerate a burden, and she did not want a big burden to hold her back.

Xia Ning did not go to see Lu Qing but instead turned around and left from the side door.

When Lu Qing turned around and looked, there was no sign of Xia Ning on the first floor at all. She looked somewhat defeated and felt even more nervous inside. It seemed like she had been abusing Xia Ning’s trust in her to do whatever she wanted. As a matter of fact, without Xia Ning, she was nothing.

But, it seemed like it was too late for her to understand this. How could she get Xia Ning’s heart back?

When Xia Ning was out of SE, she went to the garage to get her car. Just after a few steps, a car stopped by her side.

The car window came down and Shen Tianlang’s handsome face showed up.

“Xia Ning.”

Xia Ning nodded to him. “Hello.”

“Can we talk?” Shen Tianlang asked.

Xia Ning thought for a second and said, “My turn to buy you a drink.”

Shen Tianlang said with a smile, “Sure.”

The two drove to a café nearby.

Xia Ning ordered some juice and said to Shen Tianlang across her, “Why do you want to talk to me?”

“Xia Ning. No, I should call you Xiao Ke,” Shen Tianlang said in a serious tone. “I saw your Weibo post.”

Xia Ning looked at him. “So what?”

“You are Su Ke. You are Auntie Chuxia’s daughter. You are my cousin. No wonder you looked familiar the first time I saw you.” Shen Tianlang sighed. “I must have been blind to only recognize you now.”

Xia Ning curled her lips. “My mum’s name is Shen Chuxia. My name is Su Ke. But I have nothing to do with your Shen family. Mr. Shen, you should not try to call me your relative like this.”

“Xiao Ke, you wronged us. We were looking for you as well back then. But we couldn’t find you.” Shen Tianlang explained at once.

Xia Ning stirred the juice and stared at Shen Tianlang. She said with a smile, “Your grandfather must have said the same thing to my mum. Aren’t your Shen family rich? If you really wanted to find someone, how could you not? If you couldn’t find us, it meant you didn’t want to. Of course, there would be no need to.”

Shen Tianlang heard that and frowned slightly. “Are you saying you don’t want to return to the Shen family?”

“You can see with your own eyes that I’m living a good life. Why should I go back to the Shen family and make my life hard? And did you already forget how you treated my mum and me back then?” Xia Ning sneered. “I will never forget you people calling me a little beggar and calling my mother b*tch.”